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June 13, 2006

The Distance Between Us

Seemingly, bowing to pressure from homosexual actvists, Exodus (Orlando office) has decided to "distance" themselves from me over my posts on Wayne Besen's Hitler comparisons. Comparisons that accurately portray the bloodthristy hate he demonstrates towards people coming out of homosexuality. Additionally Herr Besen as I have titled him, is a direct threat to my work and ministy and free speech in the same ways the evil Hitler was towards the Jews within his evil grasp.

This decision of Exodus to "distance" itself is rather strange because beyond a casual friendship, there has always been a "distance" between us. Conversations last night and today with Randy Thomas and email conversations with Jason Thompson yielded nothing fruitful. As I stated to them, I will continue to speak and act as I see fit. As such, Exodus is free to make any public statements in support of Wayne Besen's reign of terror. My stand will not be altered by any such statements. However, lest the fragile ministry relationship between Exodus and myself be misconstrued via emails sent out by Alan Chambers, here are the facts:

1. I am not, nor have I ever been a member, subsidiary, or affiliate of Exodus, therefore they exercise no governing authority over me or any my ministry endeavors. Moreover, my public speech and writing is my own and I have never asked nor needed Exodus to defend me or anything I say.
2. Exodus and I operate independently, therefore we are not beholden to support each other's public stances. This situation, though does unfortunately highlight this independence and rightly so. I am dissapointed that Exodus would suggest my posts are racist, considering that after 30 years, Exodus has yet to connect with communities of color or seat people of color on its governing boards. Yet, our attempts to resolve this has been unsuccessful.
3. At no time, have I been a spokesman for Exodus nor have I wanted to be. I have been clear to them on several occasions that I speak for myself and will continue to speak for myself and my convictions.

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