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June 14, 2006

"This is not some casual debate"

Profound thanks to my friend, brother and former Atlanta area blogger, The Independent Conservative for his support. Darnell McGavock understands the need to speak up forcefully when evil people with evil plans rise up. Darnell's spiritual insight and straightforward commentary is much welcomed, appreciated and needed in the fight against Besen's outlandish brand of hateful gay activism.

An Except from Independent Conservative:

"Reverend DL Foster as you probably know has always stood up to the pro-gay lobby. A bunch that wants to sue ministers and if they had their way would probably even imprison them, or worse. We’ve already seen the pro-gay lobby in other nations actually get ministers imprisoned for preaching the Gospel. So this is not some casual debate, the enemy is real and doing the work of Satan himself. They are already putting out false doctrine that is fully blasphemous and planning to produce more.

People make references to slavery all the time. Plenty of people died during slavery and the middle passage from Africa to America. People make modern day comparisons to “plantations”, “slave masters” and “slaves” all the time in American debates, that don’t involve actual physical enslavement and forced labor. Same with comparisons of lynchings. Although slavery was horrible there are always these kinds of analogies. But once someone uses an analogy that involves Hitler and/or the Holocaust suddenly it’s treated like the “sacred cow” that can never be touched."

The "sacred cow" of Hitler comparisons may cause some to shake and fear. But when the shoe fits, I say they should be forced to wear it. Mustashes aside, the manufactured outrage by gay activists over my comparisons of Besen to Hitler indicate their inability to see true spiritual danger because they are so obsessed with "equal rights". Equal rights that will lead them straight into hell. And Herr Besen is more than willing to be the pied piper.
Yes, its true, Hitler systematically murdered over 6 million Jews and others. Yet Hitler's murderous ways are dwarfed by satan who was a murderer from the beginning and still murders today, so I wonder if people are saying Hitler is more evil than satan himself? The politically correct crowd probably would.

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