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June 08, 2006

Post FMA Updates

There's good news and then there's the good news.

What you say? Didn't the Senate hand Bush a "embarrassing" defeat? Didn't the "politics of hate" get slapped down? Didn't the attempt to "enshrine discrimination into the constitution" fail miserably?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, liberals are convinced that they have once again beat back the advancing hordes of "conservative homophobes". Whatever.

I was excited to see the vocal intensity and passion of so many new black pastors who showed up on Capitol Hill for the rallies and press conferences. They came from such states as California, New Jersey, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Maryland and North Carolina. For me, that meant exposing many more to the work of Witness Ministries, my testimony and Exodus Intenational who was on the ground also.

The threat of homosexual marriage is the perfect unifying point for people who might otherwise have divergent issues which would never bring them together. Homosexual activists and their paid minions in the press and political lackeys claim the President is just using the issue to get out votes. In my opinion that would make the President a strategically smart man.

I came across this excellent commentary by Rev. Eugene Rivers, III of Boston. Rivers is a Pentecostal intellectual who possesses the sharp tongue of the preacher and a brilliant thinker's mind. He is astonishing. I didn't know this, but in 1985 Rivers founded the Seymour Institute for Advanced Christian Studies. SIACS is a "21st centurty think tank for the Global Black Church." In his blistering deconstruct of the fake civil rights-gay rights analogy, written for the Weekly Standard, Rivers along with Kenneth D. Johnson writes:

"As an exercise in marketing and merchandising, this strategy is the most brilliant playing of the race card in recent memory. Not since the "poverty pimps" of 35 years ago, who leveraged the guilt and sense of fair play of the American public to hustle affirmative action set-asides, have we witnessed so brazen a misuse of African-American history for partisan purposes. But the partisans of homosexual marriage have a problem. There is no evidence in the history and literature of the civil rights movement, or in its genesis in the struggle against slavery, to support the claim that the "gay rights" movement is in the tradition of the African-American struggle for civil rights."

Well said. Homosexuals should be awarded the Parody Award of the Millennium. Known in some circles as "The Ms PAM". They are pulling off a crown jewel of a heist in mimicking the authentic civil rights movement. Its like a drag version of civil rights. Transrights activists.

Another excellent commentary which caught my eye is by blogger The Black Informant. LiberalismÂ’s Next Target: The Black Church candidly explores the emerging class war withing the black community. Not between the haves and the have nots, but between the stifling liberalism of the old guard --which I suspect has been bought and paid for with rainbow $$$-- and the masses of black people who understand what freedom is and don't want to be associated with cheap, knockoff versions.

In Washington, I ran unexpectedly into my friends Randy Thomas and Alan Chambers who like me were in town to promote traditional marriage and educate pastors about the work of our ministries. Alan was part of a CURE sponsored panel of speakers who offered information from various perspectives. Of all the speakers, Alan had the most impact. His emotional testimony and subsequent charge to the pastors were met with audible shouts of agreement. I think he was in "the moment" and was very proud of him for representing "us" at that time.

Also of note was the presentation by Dr. John Diggs, my friend who has a brilliant paper called the Health Risks of Gay Sex. Although I had read the paper before with its shocking exposure of homosexual sex habits and its detriment to the human body, hearing Dr. Diggs recount it sent a shudder through me. And judging from the rest of the standing room only crowd in the National Press Club's Murrow Room, it did the same to them. These dangerous practices underscored why the government should never sanction homosexual marriage.

I do have pictures, but for some reason blogger is not uploading them right now. Hopefully, we can share those with you later today.

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