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July 31, 2006

Church and state battles

After reading this [reg may be required], here are my thoughts:

1. City government should just pass an ordinance levying property taxes, with a grandfather clause to pre-existing organizations.

2. Although the mayor says he doesn't hate God, he clearly has an unexplainable animosity towards Christianity, some of it bordering on racism. He calls the different ethnically grouped churches "varieties of Christianity".

3. The LA Times reporter tries to paint the churches in as bad a light as possible. She said the yellow dots representing churches on the director of permit's board "meld into a big yellow glob."

Being that I am strongly against 501c3 restrictions for churches, this to me clearly represents a desire of the godless liberal left to further diminish the role of the church(or churches which do not cowtow to liberal politics) in America.
Says Independent Conservative: "We are in times in America where Churches in their efforts to spread the Gospel are sometimes speaking on political matters. When this happens some churches put themselves in a tricky situation. Because churches that signed on with the government as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization knowingly or unknowingly agreed to rules that bind what they can and cannot say in the pulpit. Many who have agreed to 501(c)(3) rules don't realize all the restrictions they have agreed to."

I agree completely. 501c3 "status" is not status at all, its a government system designed to track and penalize churches. However unwittingly far too many churches have been duped into thinking that 501c3 status is a mark of credibility. It is but only with government approval. Learn more about this wicked system here.

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