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August 01, 2006

Repair Africa set to launch ministry campaign

August will herald the massive launch of Repair Africa's campaign to spread the news about overcoming ministry to the men and women of Nigeria. Rev. Kingsley Nwafor, Executive Director, told Perspectives that 5,000 copies of the poster (above) will be distributed all over the capitol city of Lagos.

With the emergence of some homosexual groups in Africa who unfortunately are spreading the American version of "tolerance and acceptance", Pastor Kingsley believes the message of truth and healing should be front and center for those who choose not to embrace homosexuality.

"The spiritual battle for Africa and the rest of the world can only be won when we all join our hands together in prayer concerning issues like homosexuality.", he said. Pastor Nwafor believes that the answer to homosexuality in Africa lies in a biblically educated perspective. Repair Africa, formerly GayAid, has been a partner ministry with Witness since 2003 and has a mission to spread a message of change and transformation for African peoples struggling with homosexuality.

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