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August 11, 2006

Blinded by the darkness

I have seen a couple of astonishing incidences where homosexual activists have opened mouth and inserted foot big time. Some of this stuff is just inexcusable for human beings who purport to be educated.

Take for example black gay activist, aka "public theologian" (Rev.) Irene Monroe who decries Mel Gibson's "homophobia" and "hate speech" but ignores the brutal hate-filled murder of a Seattle Jewish woman by an Arab man. Like others in the liberal MSM who are quick to jump on alleged incidences of hate speech, they ignore more serious issues of white gay racism and crimes committed by homosexuals. The Gibson incident was a textbook example. Just two days after Gibson let loose his string of drunken anti-Jew statements, an Arab man actually targeted a Jewish establishment, killed a Jewish woman and wounded other Jews. Monroe's incredibly blinded ignorance lashes out at Gibson, but says nothing about the other deadly situation. The real object of her scornful contempt is for is "Christian fundamentalists" who she blames for all the evils happening to gays and Jews. Monroe needs to take the blue pill...quick.

Then there's this thing about hitler, nazis, and homosexuality. Most gay activists will come apart at the seams at any connecting inference made among these individuals and groups. For example, small time gay actvist Joe Brummer, got bent out of shape over an article written by Joseph A. DAgostino. Brummer, in typical staged outraged, replied that he was "getting sick as I read it. It starts off with a little tid bit of how the early Nazi's were homosexual. A fact that has been disproved many times over. A lie that has slapped so many in the face because it denies the thousands killed in camps for being homosexuals."

Disproved? Really? By whom? Oh wait, the homosexual community disproved it. Have you ever noticed that when they want to claim how historically embedded homosexuality is they commandeer good, dead people and pronounce them "gay"? They apply the broadest criteria possible to reel them in. Like former PTL head Jim Baker. Yep, he's on the list. You'll also find Achilles, Anne Frank and Marie Antionette on the list, but you won't find Hitler. Or any of his widely known homosexual cabinet members.

Hitler harbored homosexual tendencies and one of his closest associates, Roehm was a known homosexual. That's the same as MLK with Bayard Rustin. An argument used to suggest King was a gay supporter. Gays argue all the time that its the ones who "hate" homosexuals are actually homosexual themselves. But when the same argument is applied to Hitler, who fit the bill to a tee, the answer is "its been disproved many times over". Brummer's weak argument that because someone kills homosexuals, then they must not be homosexual is about as idiotic as it gets. So, gay people never kill anyone else? Brummer, as someone said, is one of the most inconsistent bloggers on the market. Ok, enough about small people trying to make a name for themselves.

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