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August 10, 2006

Black lesbian leader accuses white gays of racism

With all the heightened focus on white, gay racism on this blog, some white gays accused me of trying to paint their community as something its not.

Ok, so what if a major black gay leader said that white gay groups were in effect racist? Would that mean anything? Judge for yourself. Jasmyne Cannick, who I debtated on radio several years ago, today launched an angry response to the white gay community's unsavory tactics. Cannick is a founding board member of the National Black Justice Coalition, the only black gay leadership organization in the US. Cannick chastised white gay groups for several transgressions, which apparently are repeated.


"They've somehow gotten it into their heads that non-Black gays hold the key to breaking the cycle of homophobia in the Black community." "You don't see us trying to message outside of our community on gay marriage with efforts to organize the overall gay community, so what the hell gives others the right to come into our community and try to undo all of the years of hard work that Black gays have put into fighting for our civil rights?"
Using black folk for their own selfish means
"The relationship between Black gay organizations and some of the other gay groups is one where publicly they embrace us and applaud our efforts but behind closed doors they're figuring out to move us out of the picture and do the job that we are doing."
Using money to get their way (we talked about that too)
"As with everything else, they've bypassed the Black gay leadership and are now trying to get the Blacks in Sacramento on their team, using any method necessary which usually means money and lots of it."
Pushing a marriage "agenda" which is counterproductive to black gays
"Marriage has never been number one on our agenda."
Racial insensitivity
"They want everyone who is gay to be gay first and race is a secondary issue. Race is the reason why you will find the majority of Black gays living in minority communities and not the self created gay enclaves like West Hollywood, Dupont Circle, and Greenwich Village."
I've said it before and will say it again: white gay activists are shortsighted and racist. They could care less about black people, even black gay people unless of course it is serving their means to get their "equality". Maybe that's why they are always screaming so loud about "homophobia". They hope no one will pay attention to all the racism they are practicing.

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