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August 22, 2006

Hate on duty at CM Automotive Systems

The ugly head of prohomosexual hate reared up last week. Again. After the nasty and evil bout we had with since "repentant" racist and exgay hater Adam Kautz, an executive in Norwalk, CA went out of his way to call me and my wife names. He is Carlos R. Vitier and he's the Operations Manager for CM Automotive Systems. In an email sent to me on August 15th, Vitier writes:
"You are the perfect example of what gives Christianity a bad name. If indeed you believe all the garbage posted in your web site all that I can say is that your bigotry is only surpassed by your ignorance. If on the other hand your so called ministry is nothing more than a means to make easy money at the expense of other people's misery you two are truly despicable human beings."
Why is he surfing on my website on duty? I don't have any references to Automotive Systems on my site. Maybe he noticed the references to our military service and decided to insult us. Who knows? Since he didn't state whether or not he was a Christian, then we can only guess that he has no idea what being a Christian is about. Christ came explictity to transform sin-sick human life, but Vitier's view of Christianity is that helping people who want wholeness get it makes you "truly dispicable human beings". Vitier should stick to managing automive systems and stop trying to be a religious pundit.

CM's website states that the "Two leading manufacturers of trucks, Oshkosh Truck Corporation and AM General Corporation, chose CM All Terrain Mobilizer after a long and extensive search for suitable systems for their Military Vehicles. CM Automotive has over 15,000 systems installed and operating on various US Army Truck programs such as HET, PLS, ESP 2.5 Ton and ECV (Hummer)."
Vehicles my wife and I both drove and serviced while serving our country. Mr. Vitier makes quite a few judgmental assumptions about me and my wife by concluding with his own completely ignorant assessement (typical of prohomosexuals supporters) of our work.

Like the racists of 60s, I intend to expose all of these closet case bigots and hypocrites who nuture their smug hatred with email attacks. Since Vitier sent his email from his official work domain, I take it he wanted me to know his "position", so I contacted his employer.

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