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August 04, 2006

Adam Kautz: white, gay racist

CASE NUMBER 54030312
Remember "judah22"? His name is Adam B. Kautz and he lives in Olympia, Washington. Well, anyway he didn't like my response to his accusation of narcissism. So, Adam went off the deep end. Racism, violence and foaming-at-the-mouth evil. Yep, he did it all. Here's his unedited email sent to me on Wednesday:
"I hope someone kills you soon you piece of NIGGER shit. I certainly hope someday you piss off the wrong person and you get killed as a result, you ugly NIGGER, Thats RIght Big fat ugly NIGGER You were never gay to begin with you can never provide incontrovertible proof that you ever were which means you are a liar, a liar and a NIGGER. I hope that person kills you in the most painful manner imaginable."
Twenty minutes later, after Adam had got his KKK membership card hole punched for the 10th time, he let me know that he was "motivated" to join Herr Wayne Besen. Remember him? So not only was Adam Kautz a closet KKK member, he was also inspired by Besen's storm trooper tactics. Here's his next unedited email:
"Your response on your blog has motivated me to contribute to truth wins out. I can't wait till they destroy your "so-called ex-fag ministries". We will win because the truth is on our side and so is GOD. You know you have made god in your image when god hates everything you do. Your reaction just tells us that you know your goose is cooked. Oh and if god raptures anyone it most likely will be us queers that you hate so much. I bet you were the loser in school people like me shoved into lockers, You are now and forever will be that loser you were always meant to be, LOSER, LOSER, LOSER, LOSER, LOSER, LOSER, LOSER, LOSER, LOSER, LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!"
(The word "loser" grew larger and larger)

After I sent the emails to yahoo abuse department, I called the Olympia PD and my local police. Not, that I'm frightened of Adam, he just needs help and maybe some punishment for his really bad behavior.

Here's Yahoo's response:

Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.
It is a violation of Yahoo! Terms of Service (TOS) to send threatening or harassing email. You can view the Yahoo! TOS at:
In this particular case, we have taken appropriate action against the Yahoo! account in question, as per our Terms of Service (TOS). Please know that Yahoo! is unable to disclose the action taken on another user's account with a third party. We are not able to make exceptions to this rule.
Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.
Regards, Alexander Yahoo! Customer Care

Adam is an honor roll commenter on Exgaywatch and frequently on his inspiration mentor Wayne Besen'ssite. For more of Kautz's rabid exgayphobia/kkkism/storm-trooper comments, just google his name with the word gay. More on the other Kautz connections in another post.

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