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September 23, 2006

Correction needed?

I got an email from Joe Brummer aka "Voicesgainsthate" stating that I needed to make a correction to the post exposing his hypocrisy on nonviolence. Is a correction needed? Indeed it is. Unfortunately, its much worse than I thought.

On September 6th, 2006 at 9:18 pm, Brummer tepidly writes in reponse to the Kautzer's assertions that the murdered, 51 year old woman deserved to die:

I agree Dan, Adam, your comments are just generalizations about them. I would say most are not “happy” when anyone is hurt by violence, I just don’t think they want to see the part they may play in that violence. That comment seems more like a cheap shot against them and you know how I feel about that. It just doesn’t get us anywhere.
They are people, I know it is as hard for us to see that as it is for them to see us as people. We are not an agenda, we are people.
They are not an agenda either, they are people too!

Uhhh. Yeah. Right. A man strongly suggests that a poor, defenseless woman stabbed to death by a crazed homosexual man is somehow deserving of that fate and your response is that its a "cheap shot"? A "generalization"?? Considering Brummer quickly censored and cut off Guy Adams from his site and then launched an all out war against Adams because he opposed homosexuality is telling on the character. Brummer downplays homosexual activist violence, but his self righteous anger boils over at select others.

What a self-serving charade.