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September 22, 2006

More Kautz violence; Brummer silent

"These people [Christians] never condemned the murderers of Matthew Sheppard, The silence after his death was deafening. Yet they bitch all day about what happened to Mary Stachowicz, and they claim she was targeted for being christian when in reality it was because he was treated the exact same way by his mother before she kicked him out and he overreacted. It had nothing to do with being christian it had everything to do with an inconsiderate bigot." [source]

Those are the words of "I hate exgays and hope somebody kills the nigger DL Foster" Adam Kautz. While he claimed he only said those words ina flash of anger, he apparently still has a lot of destructive anger which appears to be welcome on Replace Truth with white Lies The quote was posted on the "nonviolent" website of Mr. Nonviolence Extrordianire 2006, Joe Brummer. As far as I can tell, even though Kautz called the 51 year old murdered woman an "inconsiderate bigot" and suggested that she deserved to die for telling a gay man he could change his homosexuality, Brummer said nothing in opposition to such a violent spasm of words. You may also notice that Kautz blamed the murderer's mother for his actions, but simply attributed the man's violence to "overreaction". That's the same excuse he gave for his "overreaction" towards me.

Speaking of unhinged gay activists, look at what happened with this nutcase.

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