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September 18, 2006

'sodomy hero's' sad death

"He didn't have insurance and any money. By him making history, we want to get him a decent burial." --Darrell Garner

That's what the brother of sodomy hero Tyron Garner said after his brother's death. Garner, who was black, died on Sept 11 unexpectedly at age 39 in Houston from meningitis complications. His death date came a few days after the anniversary date of his original "arrest" in Houston on sodomy charges in 1998. The arrest occurred because a jealous homosexual lover (also white) called the law and told them "a black male was going crazy in the apartment and he was armed with a gun."

What I find odd is that although homosexual activists used him celebrated him while he was the front man in their quest to make sodomy legal, they seemed completely disinterested in him after they got what they wanted. His white sex partner (arrested with him that night) didn't even know Garner was sick. I wonder what his financial state is?

I hate to say it, but Tyron Garner seemed to be nothing but a convenient one night civil rights stand with the gay activists. However, I'm sure they'll send flowers to the cremation.

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