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September 20, 2006

Speaking of honesty

I often laugh in utter amazement at activist homosexuals who claim "coming out" is about being "honest" and "truthful" about who you really are. And according to these people much more. You've probably heard the spiel before, even more as of lately since Jim McGreevey, the white down low, twice married (to women) and ex-govenor of NJ is on his book tour.

I could barely watch Matt Lauer's interview with him on the Today Show this morning. It was like watching a gory, slasher, horror movie. What struck me as funny was although he claims in his book to have done all the same things many of us who are no longer gay did when we were gay, somehow his anonymous sexcapades are acceptable because he was repressed and had no other choice. Newsbusters noted that McGreevey blamed the "immoral and ugly" way he acted out on his homosexuality on the fact that his parents were straight and thus couldn't act as role models.

By the way speaking of honesty, the man Jim says was the passionate sex partner true love of his life says the govenor has amassed a pack of momumental lies about the two of them. Honesty? Well, its in the eye of the beholder I guess.
The other thing was that Matt Lauer was almost giddy in his interview like he was interviewing a young woman vying to become the next Miss America. But that's another post.

Let's just say a person's personal disclosure about themselves and their pronouncement of their identity is as valid, truthful and honest as McGreevy and other homosexual activist say it is. Why then do they spend such considerable time, energy and money attempting to shoot down and assasinate those who honestly and publicly declare they are no longer gay? And if that's not enough, those who support us are targets for assasination also.

Do gays really value honesty? If they do, then what is it about our honesty and truthfulness that frightens them to such a degree?

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