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September 20, 2006

Bill's white scribe controversy

Funny, funny Kerry picture from here.

I just love, love I said, seeing the bleeding heart liberal's internal battles spill out into the open. Do I mean the we love diversity, equality and especially the black folks at election time liberals? Yep, they are one and the same. The truth is that liberals love black folk ONLY because they are a blind voting block easily manipulated by incessant fearmongering scare tactics featuring those black folk hatin' white Republican conservatives.

Bill Clinton, first "black president"-in-chief, held a meeting recently in HARLEM of all places with a TOTALLY WHITE group of liberal bloggers. Fallout has earnestly commenced. I'm just doing my part as a dutiful independent conservative to help expose liberal hypocrisy.

Two accounts you can read:

  • LaShawn Barber black conservative
  • Keith Boykin black liberal
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