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October 12, 2006

Black liberal angry at blackface politics

I like George Curry. Even though the editor-in-chief of the NNPA News Service and BlackPressUSA is a dyed in the wool black liberal, every now and then he takes a hard swing at some of the pet blackface liberal issues. His stances surprise me in a good way.

Take for instance his recent swing at the two-faced politics of black Maryland Democrats. Curry took them to task for their treacherous, back stabbing rejection of Democratic front runner Mfume Kwesi in favor of white politician Benjamin Cardin. Even the anointed, golden boy himself Barack Obama "parachuted" in for the festivities. Curry states:

"After Benjamin L. Cardin, a White Congressman, defeated Kweisi Mfume, the former president of the NAACP and ex-chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, African-American politicians in Maryland almost stumbled over one another in a mad rush to endorse Cardin. Sen. Barack Obama, everyone's flavor of the month, even parachuted in to endorse Cardin. He appeared on the scene so quickly that it was more like they loaded him in a cannon and aimed him toward the Baltimore Harbor.

The sight of grinning Black elected officials rushing to endorse a White Democrat is a familiar scene. What made this bum-rush so noteworthy was that after Mfume filed to fill an open Senate seat, the party went out and recruited Cardin to run against him. With limited resources and lacking the support of party bosses, Mfume still came within 9 percentage points of defeating Cardin. If he had won, Maryland's Senate race would have featured two African-Americans, guaranteeing that one would be elected to office."

Black folks are always clamoring about not being represented, but the truth is blacks under Democratic rule don't trust their own people. That's the mob-think mentality so pervasive among black Dems. If you break away and --God forbid-- learn to think and vote according to your own values, you are a threat to the Democratic totalitarian system currently in place.

Curry, however, has an excellent idea about how to teach these crab barrel practicioners a lesson. One I endorse wholeheartedly:

"It's time for a change and clearly that change is not going to come from Black elected officials who are forever wedded to their Democratic overseers. The change, if it's to occur, must come from those not seeking the favor of either party.

If we are truly tired of being taken for granted by one major party and just plain taken by the other, then it's time to take a stand. Here's my modest proposal for my fellow Black Marylanders - teach both parties a lesson by voting for the Black Republican, Lt. Gov. Michael Steele."

Hopefully, blacks in Maryland will get angry enough to see they have been cheated out of representative, use Curry's advice and teach somebody a good lesson.

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