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October 10, 2006

Atlanta's Coleman interviewed in NY's 'Elementz'

The influential holy hip hop magazine Elementz of Life features an interview with Christian hip hop artist, Samantha Coleman of Atlanta. A former lesbian rapper, Coleman is making serious waves in the music industry with her brash, but sanctified vocals, especially about her past lesbianism.

Published in New York, EOL is a new outreach of the 190 year old American Bible Society is the slickly produced, and "geared to youth and young adults of the hip hop culture." The magazine features "compelling real life stories and expressions designed to empower young people and help them resolve some of life's most challenging questions." Besides the awesome stories in the magazine, EOL offers stunning visual artwork by hip hop artists and design editor Arthur Medina.

Homosexuality is certainly a challenge to young people today whether they themselves struggle with it or not. Trying to decide how to approach the issue despite all the hype and misinformation floating around requires that people like Samantha Coleman, myself and Charlene Cothran and others be vocal about change and transformation. The probing questions from EOL's Rodney Terich Leonard seem to bring out the best in Coleman.

RTL: "How did you describe your identity back then? And do you feel you had to suppress your identity due to your social and geographical surroundings?"

SC: "Even though Ihad these feelings about women, I had two sides going on in my head. My physical body didn't match the way I felt. I felt like I was a male trapped in a female body and that conflicted the way I saw myself. So my identity was in conflict. I never felt like being in Baton Rouge had anything to do with how I felt about my lifestyle. I didn't then and I don't care now about what people think about me. I had the perfect homosexual relationship [in the eyes of the world] but it wasn't right in the sight of God."

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