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October 09, 2006

Easter issues challenge to gay Christians

Since leaving what he believed was an unshakeable 22 year involvement with homosexuality as a gay Christian, former homosexual K. Godfrey Easter of Seattle is issuing an unusual challenge to gay Christians, particularly its leadership. From his website:
Is homosexuality a sin? Well, x-gay-Christian author, K. Godfrey Easter, is convinced that it is after 22 years of living, preaching, and writing pro-gay Christianity in this world. So, on October 15, 2006, Easter will pre-launch his next book, “LOVE LIFTED ME BECAUSE OF THE CHURCH,” in cyberspace. Free of charge through October 12, 2006, participants can register online at for Godfrey’s Challenge, offered through Acts & Beyond Ministries, founded also by the author.
The controversial author has received so much negative feedback since announcing his dramatic about-face from homosexuality last year that he feels offering his new book by email will attract an audience that truly seeks to benefit from reading a message he claims was personally delivered to him by “The Wisdom of God.”

“I’m so convinced that Wisdom will offer such a compelling argument against homosexuality during the project, that I want readers to benefit before it formally debuts – and without obligation,” he adds. “I’d especially enjoy seeing more pro-gay-Christian leadership accept the challenge,” Easter edged on almost jokingly.

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