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October 25, 2006

Harry Jackson on "wedge issues"

Townhall columnist Bishop Harry Jackson comments on the so-called wedge issues Dems and liberals love to throw out during election time. You know meaningless stuff like gay marriage, abortion, and border security. Things that don't really matter when placed against such weighty, moral issues as homelessness, antiwar activity and insurance coverage for every American: living, dead or otherwise. And of course liberals NEVER have wedge issues, its only white, male Christian Republicans who run on wedge issues. Liberals just ooze care and concern for the welfare of every living person, right?

When you hear the phrase wedge issue, just know its a code to group-think black folk that the liberal whites are in the lead on it. Its strange that the same issues they marginalize are the ones they simultaneously devote a great deal of time fighting and counteracting. Says Jackson:

"With only two weeks left before the election, we must remind our black friends about their responsibility to vote their core values. Marriage and abortion are not “wedge issues.” If black families disintegrate any further, we may slip into a negative population-growth mode. More dangerous than that, our community may implode if we do not stabilize our marriages, our children, and our extended families. The wedge issues, if examined closely, become racial bridge issues."

Read the rest of his "Raped or Represented" here.

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