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October 26, 2006

Disobedience at the root AIDS ignorance

So Im watching the Oprah Show today and she's talking about HIV/AIDS. You know that Oprah bills her show as the "leading source of information about life, love, self, relationships, etc" After talking with Magic and Cookie Johnson about their experience with the disease, in true Oprah fashion she assembled a group of six HIV positive women. Two were white, four black. Marvelyn, one of the black women who contracted AIDS at age 19 said she didn't know what HIV meant. She said she was told "just don't get pregnant." Later, we find out that she is still engaged in random sexual activity, but now she insists on condom use everytime. Un. be. lieveable.

As I listened to these women, the more bizarre their stories got. One white woman claimed that she was well educated and in school all she was told was to be abstinent. She said it as if being abstinent is a bad thing. I couldn't help but think that if she had been obedient, she wouldn't have AIDS.

The women's stories revealed a common factor: each of them contracted the disease through fornication. In these women's worldview, the "sin" if you will was simply having "unprotected sex".

"I used condoms with people I was with, but I didn't use them consistently…and I probably didn't use them correctly," said Yvette.
That's the world's idea of morality. Its a faulty --and fatal-- premise. Yet, God has already made clear the consequences of sexual sin. The women brought up the cliched "AIDS doesn't discriminate" as advice to others. True perhaps, but the real problem isn't HIV/AIDS, its people's ignorance and disobedience to common sense and Godly guidance for sexual conduct. AIDS is like a gun, if you never pick it up and pull the trigger while pointing it at someone, the gun is literally harmless. We all know that it takes human hands to make it deadly.

I do understand the women's foolish mentality. It was one I had myself when I was homosexual/sexually active. I had no thought of using a condom and neither did the great majority of male sexual partners I had during the 11 years I was homosexual. As a matter of fact, I can count on one hand the number of times during those years I used or was asked to use a condom. I don't think I was any different than any other person out there then, and from the looks of the statistics, not much has changed. Sexual disobedience is still deadly.

I proposed a fullproof way to rid ourselves of AIDS in 10 years or less, but the hardheaded disobedience and will full ignorance of God's protective plan will continue to drag people into the pits. I'll say it again for the sake of those who want to heed, live and please God.

(1) Give your life to Christ and make him LORD over your sex and sexuality.
(2) Live a life of sexual abstinence if you are single.
(3) Remain sexually faithful to your husband/wife if married.
(4) Stop supporting the idea that sex is nothing more than an uncontrollable urge.

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