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November 01, 2006


A roundup of some of the most shocking homosexual activist news in the country.
  • Read about what a San Francisco Catholic church was doing with a group of homosexual drag queens. Read how Americans For Truth stepped up and brought and end to the incredibly blasphemous situation.

  • In Virginia the opponents of the proposed ban on homosexual marriage are now resorting to physical violence, theft and intimidation. But homosexual groups have said nothing against the perpetrators. We wonder why? Mark at Chester Street has the details.

  • A black pastor who once allowed a homosexual activist to stomp on a Bible in front on shocked church members, has announced to the church he is homosexual and has resigned. I knew when I read this story in the Denver Post that something was terribly wrong with Rev. Benjamin Reynolds. He was attempting to force Emmanuel Baptist Church into becoming "affirming and inclusive". Its now clear that his reason for taking the church down such a destructive path was to cover for his own selfish sexual agenda. The church has rejected him and his evil.
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