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October 31, 2006

God has already spoken. Period.

God has already spoken and confirmed his word, but apparently the apostate United Church of Christ will never hear his true words. The UCC has become known --not for its adherence to the doctrines of Christ-- but for homosexual advocacy disguised as a Christian act of love and inclusion. To prove its love for sinful activities of those who detest Biblically mandated sexual standards, the UCC recently inducted the Cathedral of Hope Church in Dallas, a full fledged homosexual congregation. When my wife and I visited COH in 1998, we were shocked to see embedded in the stain glass windows, the double male and double female symbols. According to the Advocate, the UCC admitted the "gay mega church", hoping to be "enriched by its vitality."

Other than being a sign of the times, this really is a digressive event. The UCC is already a decaying shell of its former beliefs and its admission of a homosexual church simply sinks the ship to even lower depths of religious idiocy. Interestingly enough, the Advocate pegged the UCC as a "mainstream" denomination. Hardly. The UCC has been bleeding heavily since its fanatical push to legitimize homosexual conduct. The COH was hailed as fourth largest church in the UCC. The others are a pair of black churches in Chicago and metro Atlanta, who joined the UCC after abandoning traditional Christan belief over homosexuality. The Chicago church, Trinity, is home to the Democrat's golden boy Barack Obama.

If you are not familiar with Dallas' Cathedral of Hope, it is anything but. Its founder and pastor Michael Piazza was criticized for taking trips to sex clubs in California without his so-called husband and then threw the church into chaos over money and power mongering.

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