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November 27, 2006

Should whites get race based scholarships?

Being an independent conservative, I found very little to agree with the Republicans on during the last election.

However, a clever group of College Republicans at Boston University have found a way to emphasize the ridiculous nature of race based scholarships. In a country so race conscious and race sensitive, why emphasize race in academia? I am only a marginal supporter of "affirmative action".

In response to a Hispanic schorlarship at BU with the same criteria, the president of the CRs said, "There are plenty of poor, white, academically gifted students who need that money just as much."

I agree. And if there's nothing wrong with offering it to Hispanics or Blacks with a race based criteria, then why is it "outrageous" to offer it to white students?

What do you think about what the CRs are doing?

LaShawn Barber weighed in on this yesterday with some excellent commentary. She writes in part:

"These days, affirmative action is a euphemism for dropped standards.
Black students with lower grades and test scores are admitted in place of non-black students with higher grades and test scores. Under affirmative action policies for hiring, black people with lesser qualifications and credentials and/or lower quality credentials are hired in place of non-blacks with better qualifications, more credentials, and higher quality credentials.
I wish a black person somewhere would be honest and tell the truth about why they support race preferences despite the illegality and immorality of such policies. Until someone can articulate why race-based, government-sanctioned considerations are morally wrong, they’ll continue to exist. Here’s a challenge for black readers who support preferential treatment based on race, should they wish to accept it:
If “whites only” scholarships, policies, and programs are obviously wrong, why are “blacks only” scholarships, policies, and programs not wrong? What’s difference between the races justifies lowering standards for one and discriminating against the other?"

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