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November 26, 2006

U don't know me, do you?

So you think you know me right?:
anti homosexuality, conservative black preacher man from Atlanta. Well, yeah but that's just part of my life.

I'm sure there is more to you, too. Whoever you are.

Here's seven things about me, feel free to share seven things about yourself that I or others reading might not know. Let's pretend we're at Starbucks and having a great cup of coffee.

1. I have the Carpenters (Karen and Richard) greatest hits CD. My wife gave it to me for a birthday present. I love 70s lite rock.
2. I love a good Scrabble smackdown.
3. I don't like hospitals.
4. My youngest son DJ makes me laugh hysterically when he acts like Curly of the 3 Stooges.
5. I had a bad childhood experience at a circus and to this day will not go to amusement parks.
6. I will eat my dessert before my meal if I can get away with it.
7. I have a collection of Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine from 1986-1988.

So what about you?

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