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December 06, 2006

Prominent Catholics mum on Pope's Muslim mess

Many thanks to our friend and brother Darnell aka Independent Conservative for bringing the pope's flagrant transgressions to light. The political beast has forced the Pope to bow in submission at the Allah's altar. I felt it was high spiritual treason. But prominent Catholics aren't saying anything critical of the Pope's cowtowing to the super demanding-violence prone Muslim community overseas. None of the Catholic talk show hosts have dared to talk about the Pope's visit and his subsequent "praying" with the Muslims. Not Bill Bennett, Laura Ingraham or even Sean Hannity. Perhaps they havent said anything because they are only social Catholics. To such people the compromising the divinity of Christ may not be an issue.

I'm not a Catholic but I would have a major problem with my leader cozying up to another religion which denies Jesus' diety. That's a spiritual chasm Christians are NEVER supposed to cross. At least not in the manner in which the Pope has gotten himself entwined. We hope some rank and file Catholics will take offense and speak out at the groveling of their leader before a group of people who would sooner chop his head off and send it back to Rome on a platter.

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