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December 07, 2006

Time to ban the H-word

I want to be the first to go on record demanding the banning of H-word. The H-word is infamously the ugliest social slur ever created. The disgusting tone and the arrogant elitism behind it has no place in our language.

People, its time to ban use of the word "homophobe".

With all the fuss over the N-word (that's nigger or nigga in case you didn't know), we ought to take a fresh look at other equally offensive words. Words that are used to degrade and dehumanize a whole class of people simply because of what they believe or who they are. Michael Richards' n-word tirade only demonstrated that what's in you is gonna come out when the real you gets worked up. It wasn't an accident and it wasn't reflex reaction at all. Richards meant to say it in the most degrading way he could muster up. Now, the Comedy Club has banned its use and in the process revived a new national debate about its use.

So while we are in the banning mood, let's get rid of this nasty, hateful word. The homosexual activist community are the main culprits in the use of the h-word. Just like the hateful white racists of the Jim Crow era, they use the h-word as a weapon to silence, intimidate and subjugate their opposition. They call religious leaders, political leaders, parents, Even if a person simply and innocently questions the alleged normality of homosexuality, he or she is automatically branded a "homophobe". No one outside of the elitist gay activist's threshold of false social acceptance seems to be immune from the demeaning word. Actually its become quite fashionable for gays to hurl the nasty epithet at ordinary people who refuse to accept homosexuality as normal.
But its time for a change. Bernard Chapin, a Chicago writer noted:

One can be called a homophobe nowadays due to asking questions like, “So what exactly is the point of this parade?” or “What are you guys proud of here?” Just by asking a few questions (of which there are no easy answers) one can receive the same generic label that was applied to the vile murderers of Matthew Shepard. It has been my personal experience that merely disagreeing with some of the more vehement gay activists results in one quickly being grouped into an axis of hate. It doesn’t seem to matter what the specifics of the argument happen to be as, regardless of what you say, they’ll trolley out the same stale, cookie-cutter, accusation of homophobia. Perhaps if they changed the name of their insult to “gaytotalitarianaphobe” there might be some merit to their claims."
Award winning novelist and playwright Orson Card, writing for Meridian Magazine, warns that the h-word is the natural outgrowth of a fantastic lie:
A postulated but unproven genetic disposition toward homosexuality is supposed to be embraced and accepted by everyone as "perfectly natural" -- but the far stronger and almost universal genetic disposition toward having children and grandchildren is to be suppressed, kept to yourself, treated as a mental illness. You're unhappy that your son wants to marry a boy? Then you're sick, dangerous, a homophobe, filled with hate. Control your natural desires or be branded as evil by every movie and TV show coming out of P.C. Hollywood!

  • David Bernstein uses the h-word in a brazen comparison to the phrase "house nigga".
  • Some have complained that blacks use the n-word against other blacks. Black gay activists do the same with the h-word.
  • I say its time for a change.

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