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January 21, 2006

Nigerian Minister: 'Africa in spiritual conflict over homosexuality'

Although a liberal South African court ruled in December that homosexual marriage was legal, the Nigerian government has responded by outlawing the polarizing issue. But according to a Nigerian minister, there is much more at stake than just the passing of laws.

Pastor Kingsley Nawfor (pictured left) Executive Director of Repair Africa, a Witness Ministries affiliate in Lagos noted that Africa is engulfed in spiritual warfare over the issue of homosexuality. Pastor Nwafor has worked for several years in his native Nigeria promoting change and redemption to homosexuals.

"The enemy does not oppose anything that does not pose a challenge to his kingdom. This is why you do not waste your bucket of water on a corpse. In every dispensation,God uses a man or a people to harbinger or fulfill His move for such times. For that man or people,there is a wicked satanic rage to stop him from fulfilling his divine purpose and destiny.
There has been a prophecy of old that Africa shall become a spiritual military school in the last days, from where soldiers of cross shall be prepared and sent forth to all the nations of the world.

Today,the whole of Africa is going through hard times because of the wicked satanic rage to divert her from this divine purpose. Africa has now become a land of hewers of wood and drawers of water.

If you place the map of Africa in a horizontal position,it looks like a pistol (gun). At the mouth of that pistol is the nation of South Africa,and at the trigger of the pistol is the nation of Nigeria. The two nations are very strategic in what God purposes to do with the continent of Africa.

Homosexuality is a great tool in the hand of the enemy in this endtime,in diverting and destroying the purposes and destinies of men and nations. When on the 1st of December 2005, the supreme court of South Africa ruled that same-sex marriage should be legalised and for the parliament to amend the marriage act,a spiritual signal was sent to some of us that are sensitive in the spirit. If the mouth of the gun is blocked,of what use is that gun?.

On the 18th of January 2006, the federal executive council of Nigeria approved a bill that is to be passed into law prohibiting marriage between people of the same-sex. To some of us sensitive in the spirit,another spiritual signal was sent. The trigger is still intact,ready to shoot.
This act brings out diverse reactions from different angles. To the gay community in Nigeria,it is a big blow. To the Anglican community in Nigeria, it is a great victory. To ministries like "Repair Africa", (formerly GAYAID),it is a call of repositioning to be properly located in the endtime move of God.
Putting all these reactions together,a question arises. Where do we go from here?
The church and the society really underestimated the power and influence of the gay rights movements and its cohorts in South Africa, America and other places. What would have happened if the church, the instrument of light and the society had started combating this issue earlier? What would have happened if the church had started educating children and youths about sexuality earlier? It is very easy to turn a blind eye and underestimate the forces of evil.

Thank God for the law in Nigeria prohibiting same-sex marriage or any related same-sex relationships. Thank God for the five years jail sentence. But there was a time in the whole of America, that homosexual strugglers were being arrested, beaten up,and even ostracised in some cases. Is that the case now in the whole of America? Why? The church and the Nigerian society have a vital role to play in order to offer the kind of solution needed. We all need to build upon this foundation of the law enacted by the government,by putting up bricks and pillars of sexual education, scriptural ministration, prayers and an indepth understanding of the issue of homosexuality. The purpose of God for Nigeria and Africa in this endtime shall be fulfilled in Jesus name."

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