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December 11, 2006

Homosexuality a "temptation, not orientation"

Former homosexual Rev. Tim Wilkins of North Carolina, speaking at the Saddleback AIDS conference said something I would categorize as mildly profound.
For Christians to love homosexuals like Jesus would, they should stop thinking of homosexuality as an orientation and start thinking of it as a temptation, says Tim Wilkins, himself "formerly gay." [source]
I agree with that. We believe there is only one orientation. Man was emotionally, relationally and sexually oriented towards woman and God pronounced it good. What is now called "sexual orientation[s]" is largely a man made concoction, a product of his sinful rebellion against God. Homosexuality -- a sinful condition-- then is part of the sexual divergence from the will, purpose and creative intent of God. Of course gay activists have attempted to coop this truth with "science".

Seeing it as such would quickly alleviate this social, and perhaps political struggle over the "rights" of homosexuals.

December 07, 2006

Time to ban the H-word

I want to be the first to go on record demanding the banning of H-word. The H-word is infamously the ugliest social slur ever created. The disgusting tone and the arrogant elitism behind it has no place in our language.

People, its time to ban use of the word "homophobe".

With all the fuss over the N-word (that's nigger or nigga in case you didn't know), we ought to take a fresh look at other equally offensive words. Words that are used to degrade and dehumanize a whole class of people simply because of what they believe or who they are. Michael Richards' n-word tirade only demonstrated that what's in you is gonna come out when the real you gets worked up. It wasn't an accident and it wasn't reflex reaction at all. Richards meant to say it in the most degrading way he could muster up. Now, the Comedy Club has banned its use and in the process revived a new national debate about its use.

So while we are in the banning mood, let's get rid of this nasty, hateful word. The homosexual activist community are the main culprits in the use of the h-word. Just like the hateful white racists of the Jim Crow era, they use the h-word as a weapon to silence, intimidate and subjugate their opposition. They call religious leaders, political leaders, parents, Even if a person simply and innocently questions the alleged normality of homosexuality, he or she is automatically branded a "homophobe". No one outside of the elitist gay activist's threshold of false social acceptance seems to be immune from the demeaning word. Actually its become quite fashionable for gays to hurl the nasty epithet at ordinary people who refuse to accept homosexuality as normal.
But its time for a change. Bernard Chapin, a Chicago writer noted:

One can be called a homophobe nowadays due to asking questions like, “So what exactly is the point of this parade?” or “What are you guys proud of here?” Just by asking a few questions (of which there are no easy answers) one can receive the same generic label that was applied to the vile murderers of Matthew Shepard. It has been my personal experience that merely disagreeing with some of the more vehement gay activists results in one quickly being grouped into an axis of hate. It doesn’t seem to matter what the specifics of the argument happen to be as, regardless of what you say, they’ll trolley out the same stale, cookie-cutter, accusation of homophobia. Perhaps if they changed the name of their insult to “gaytotalitarianaphobe” there might be some merit to their claims."
Award winning novelist and playwright Orson Card, writing for Meridian Magazine, warns that the h-word is the natural outgrowth of a fantastic lie:
A postulated but unproven genetic disposition toward homosexuality is supposed to be embraced and accepted by everyone as "perfectly natural" -- but the far stronger and almost universal genetic disposition toward having children and grandchildren is to be suppressed, kept to yourself, treated as a mental illness. You're unhappy that your son wants to marry a boy? Then you're sick, dangerous, a homophobe, filled with hate. Control your natural desires or be branded as evil by every movie and TV show coming out of P.C. Hollywood!

  • David Bernstein uses the h-word in a brazen comparison to the phrase "house nigga".
  • Some have complained that blacks use the n-word against other blacks. Black gay activists do the same with the h-word.
  • I say its time for a change.

  • December 06, 2006

    Prominent Catholics mum on Pope's Muslim mess

    Many thanks to our friend and brother Darnell aka Independent Conservative for bringing the pope's flagrant transgressions to light. The political beast has forced the Pope to bow in submission at the Allah's altar. I felt it was high spiritual treason. But prominent Catholics aren't saying anything critical of the Pope's cowtowing to the super demanding-violence prone Muslim community overseas. None of the Catholic talk show hosts have dared to talk about the Pope's visit and his subsequent "praying" with the Muslims. Not Bill Bennett, Laura Ingraham or even Sean Hannity. Perhaps they havent said anything because they are only social Catholics. To such people the compromising the divinity of Christ may not be an issue.

    I'm not a Catholic but I would have a major problem with my leader cozying up to another religion which denies Jesus' diety. That's a spiritual chasm Christians are NEVER supposed to cross. At least not in the manner in which the Pope has gotten himself entwined. We hope some rank and file Catholics will take offense and speak out at the groveling of their leader before a group of people who would sooner chop his head off and send it back to Rome on a platter.

    December 05, 2006

    Lesbian culture comes out the closet at Spelman

    Spelman College in Atlanta is no longer making it a secret about its pervasive lesbian culture on the campus. Spelman is a black women's college.

    According to the Southern Voice, Spelman's Women’s Research and Resource Center "finally secured that support via a $140,000 grant from the Arcus Foundation, a Michigan-based philanthropic group that funds organizations that “illuminate the presence and contributions of people in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, and the issues which confront them.”

    Don't be fooled. The "philanthrophic group" is a gay activist front organization led by lesbian Urvashi Vaid. With a lesbian's fingers on the purse strings, it was a shoo-in for Spelman to get the money, although they want you to believe they really sweated to make it happen. With the money, Spelman plans to prominently display the "poetic works" of deceased lesbian activist Audre Lorde at the college.

    I already told you that some insitutions of higher education are rapidly deteriorating into cesspools of teaching vunerable yourng people that homosexuality is good and that anyone who opposes it is evil. And then those that go along with it are given glowing credentials. Beverly Guy-Sheftall, the centers' founding director boasted, “We teach Audre Lorde in our women’s studies courses on campus.”

    December 04, 2006

    Death by Education

    America's schools have fallen under the wicked assault of demons of every sort. Sexual outlaws and anti-Bible "christians" are teaching young people to follow a self destructive path disguised as "freedom". The Bible says that evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceived and being deceived. (2 Tim 3:13)Dr. Peter Jones, a Christian professor reports the shocking news from the front lines.
    Having spent three days with 11,000 professors of religion and Bible at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) and the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) in Washington DC., I'm glad to be back in the peace of my Californian study. Every year, in the academy, orthodox biblical Christianity decreases in representation, while radical liberalism increases. The liberal SBL, founded in 1880, welcomed the fledgling AAR in 1963, but it is now being thrown out of AAR, apparently because privileging one religion in a meeting of "religion teachers" is too politically incorrect. So the cuckoo takes over the nest and the SBL must fend for itself.

    While the joint arrangement persists (until 2008), I am able to observe religious history as it happens. Since 1991 I have witnessed the radical agenda stretch the liberal envelop to unimaginable extremes. I have deliberately attended the "cutting edge" seminars, since what the "cutting edge" conceives soon becomes acceptable to the liberal majority. Here is a sampling of this year's offerings:

  • In her plenary address, Diana Eck, president of AAR and professor at Harvard, introduced herself as a Montanan, a Methodist and a Massachusetts-recently-married gay-to enthusiastic applause. Her great contribution is the promotion of religious pluralism in America, but religious pluralism is often accompanied by sexual pluralism;

  • In The Contemporary Pagan Studies Consultation, academic witches and warlocks conferred on the spiritual power of "fire circle drumming," in which fire represents "hardly contained desire." The audience heard about "Paganistan," the thriving Wiccan community in Minnesota, and a lecture entitled "The Pagan Explosion," documented that paganism has grown 38 fold in the USA in the last eleven years and 250-fold in Australia in the last five years;

  • In The Theology and Religion Section: Jim Wallis' God's Politics, Wallis reduced the Christian message to a modern version of a social gospel for the Democratic party. An "evangelical feminist" railed against the genocidal foundation of America and called for the deconstruction of "normative heteropatriarchy." One small but bright light came from a Canadian scholar who accused Wallis of nationalistic idolatry for making America, rather than the church, the source of Gospel action;

  • In a review session of Christ and the Single Savior, Yale professor Dale B. Martin's homoerotic interpretation of the New Testament teaching on sexuality began with a professor from Harvard Divinity School introducing herself by saying: "I do not know where I am in relation to Christianity." Such confusion was hardly lifted when a Yale professor of theology asked Martin where Jesus had gay sex. Martin replied: "In the park, which is what the gospel writers meant by 'garden.'" This trivialization and eroticization of Jesus Gethsemane suffering elicited not a single objection from the numerous theology professors in attendance;

  • In The Queer Theory and LGBT Studies in Religion Consultation a paper "showed" the deep theological meaning of homosexual bathroom graffiti. With the verbal verve of a rap artist, gross sexual perversion was transformed into a noble response to "the dominant hegemonic power-structures of white, heterosexual, capitalistic society." Another gay theologian argued that there was no genetic "binary template" (male/female) so we are all sexually becoming whatever we wish to be;

    These professors constitute an armada of brain-power deployed on our campuses to form the thinking of the rising generation. They are succeeding.

    Radio host Dennis Prager interviewed a university senior who went to college a confirmed heterosexual but leaves, like many, convinced that there are numerous valid forms of sexuality. On the related issue of abortion, a poll shows that while only 37% of high school graduates are pro-choice, 73% of women leaving college are.

  • HT: MissionAmerica

    The question is...

    "If a child grew up in a home where he was constantly told he is bad, constantly told he was stupid, constantly told he was evil, constantly told he is unhealthy, constantly told he should not be happy, constantly told he was going to die young, constantly told he was rejected by even god, constantly told he was less human than others, constantly harassed by others about these things….what kind of adult will this child become?" [italics mine]

    Ok, let's answer Joe Brummer's hypothetical question with some real life questions and perhaps we may get a good answer.

    (1)If teens are taught that sticking a balled up fist in someone's anus is a good thing, what kind of adult would that teen become? (2)If a group of homosexual activists masquerading as advisors to teens, took teens to gay clubs for the purpose of teaching "hot men to put on condoms", what type of adult would this teen become? (3) If another "gay teen center" told teens that they should either cut off their penis or have a doctor mutilate their vaginas because they don't like the gender identity they were born with, what kind of adult would these teens become?

    Reminds me of a young white homosexual man who confronted me after a speech I gave in Waco, Texas.
    My parents told me that from the age of two they knew that I was gay, he said to me as proof that he was "born gay". I thought about it for a second and then asked him, "What if your parents had told you that you were a pig? What do you think you would be doing right now?"

    December 01, 2006

    The Friday 411 - 011206

    So, who's talking about what?
    This begins a new series where I will be highlighting who's talking about what on Friday. I think I have a fantastic list of blogmates who are intelligent and bring to light real issues with great commentary. I'm real picky about who I link to because I don't support everybody. Yes, you can call it discrimination. I pick and choose who I want to link to. If you want me to include you on the Friday 411, send me an email with your link. Of course I can't highlight everyone, but I promise the best and most updated will end up on the front to speak. Anyway, what's on their minds this fine Friday?

    Independent Conservative has been hitting the Muslim angle pretty hard lately and for good reason. The Muslim guilt factor has been running rampant since 9/11, Iraq, His Popeness's rebuke/retraction and other incidents. Currently, IC is talking about the new Muslim politician from Minnesota in his post "Keith Ellison/Hakim/X Ellison/Ellison-Muhammad Should Not Be in Congress. On Top of Not Having a Choice to Say His Oath on a Bible!" Even though he has yet to take his seat in Congress, Ellison seems to be representing the Saudis more than his AMERICAN constituents.

    Peter LaBarbera at Americans For Truth is helping to spread the news of a New Study which says Childhood Family Factors Influence Sexual Orientation. Of course, our position is that there is but ONE sexual orientation. What is it? I'm glad you asked. God divinely and originally oriented man sexually and relationally towards woman and pronounced it good. We feel that there is no need to add or subtract from anything God said was good. Additionally, we feel that so-called "sexual orientations" is an socio-political invention of the liberal scientific left wingers. In biblical terms a result of the fallen/sinful nature of man.

    If you are looking for a good laugh, try reading "An ACLU Christmas" at Nathan's Church and State blog.

    Illegal aliens and their illegal activities is the topic of LaShawn Barber's Friday issues. This has been at the top of the news here in Atlanta. The culprit is an Alpharetta drywall company. LaShawn writes "Earlier this week, six illegal aliens — who entered the U.S. by slipping past authorities, circumventing safeguards put in place to protect American citizens — were arrested at Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. The illegal aliens had access to secured areas."
    Enough already, this is insanity! The Democrats better handle this problem before they get their tushies warm in their new seats. Since the President and the Republicans were too sissified to deal with it, let's see what the Dems will do.

    Okay, if you do a couple of good deeds does that mean you can say whatever filthy words you want in a rap song? Rapper David Banner seems to think so. BlackElectorate profiles this case notably because the National Black Caucus (go figure) gave him an award at a student luncheon.

    Mark at Chester Street picks apart an "open letter" to James Dobson. It seems the writer "Bluegal" is upset by Dobson's decision not to help with Ted Haggard's "restoration". Mark points out several fallacies in Bluegals's thinking. Definitely worth the read.

    And finally on NewsBusters, Tim Graham talks about the Obama-AIDS-Rick Warren controversy. He reveals how the although the media is eating up the story now, they all but ignored Warren when his Purpose Driven Life was burning up the best seller lists. Predictably, when a religious conservative loosens his religious conservative standards and gets involved with liberal media figures (like Obama), the MSM falls in love almost immediately. Otherwise, you mean nothing to them. Beware.

    November 30, 2006

    No money needed to stop AIDS

    World AIDS Day is coming up December 1st, and the liberals are deploying out their foot soldiers. Their pitching the same old message: more money, more condoms. They've added that AIDS is the deadly gift that keeps on giving because of "discrimination and stigma". I fail to see how that would cause someone to choose such a painful and eventual death.

    The libs' message about AIDS is one that means nothing and produces nothing but I've got news for them. It doesn't take one more red cent to stop AIDS. And you can use all the condoms you want, AIDS will not stop. The bulk of the problem with people and AIDS is that people are unwilling to let go of their disobedient ignorance.

    We can stop AIDS, but it requires something most of the sex industry is against. Personal discipline. Not the discipline to wear a condom every time. Sex is much more than an act. That's problem number 1 with the sex peddlers and their hapless victims. Sex seems to be nothing more than a dog (or dawg)in heat.

    I proposed a 100% full proof plan to stop AIDS within a decade and now it appears someone else has the same idea. Rev Rick Warren (yep, the purpose-driven life guy), whose church is hosting a controversial AIDS conference came up with the acronym STOP:
    S-Save sex for marriage
    T-Train men to treat women and children with respect
    O-Offer treatment through churches
    P-Pledge yourself to one partner for life

    We'll assume that he means one opposite sex marriage partner in the "P". Other than that, it seems like a good plan. And like I said it doesnt require any more government money and while we're at it, we could put the condom industry out of business. In contrast, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan casts a lists of requirements, but none call for personal sexual restraint or monagamy. Italics mine.

    "It[stopping AIDS] requires business leaders to work for HIV prevention in the workplace and in the wider community, and to care for affected workers and their families. It requires health workers, community leaders and faith-based groups to listen and care, without passing judgment. It requires fathers, husbands, sons and brothers to support and affirm the rights of women. It requires teachers to nurture the dreams and aspirations of girls. It requires men to help ensure that other men assume their responsibility — and understand that real manhood means protecting others from risk. It requires every one of us to help bring AIDS out of the shadows, and spread the message that silence is death."