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July 17, 2005

Those darn black preachers!

Black preachers are at it again. They just wont preach tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality from their pulpits. Of course, that has the homosexual community hopping mad (reg may be required)because after all they never say bad things about other people. They never call other people names or make fun of them. They never discriminate against anyone. All homosexuals are just as loving, sweet, docile,kind and as sugary nice little Laura Ingalls on Little House on the little Prarie.
But those darn black preachers! When are they gonna get with the program?? They thump the Bible, start hollering, get all sweaty, talk about sin, tell people hell is real and have the nerve to call homosexuality unnatural. Well, that's just downright intolerable. I mean everybody knows by now that gays can't change their homosexuality. Why, the APA said so. And you know that when the APA says it, doc, you can bet your grandma's apple pie thats its true. And you know what they say: who would choose such a life of misery (start weeping here)?
And plus, gays give so much money to the black church and do all of their music stuff, so black preachers should just leave them alone! And while they're at it, they should stop telling people adultery, fornication, lying, cheating on taxes, cheating on welfare documents, being lazy, and parking in the First Lady's parking spot is wrong, too.
Here's one black preacher who doesnt seem to get it yet. Rev. Willie F. Wilson, pastor of Union Temple Baptist Church in DC, it seems "went off" as we say sometimes, even though his choice of words may have been a bit gruff, he told the anatomical truth, Ruth. I can't understand why someone would get angry when you say "hey that square peg wasn't meant to fit into that round hole!". To me, that's the kind of folk that would argue with a stop sign. Isn't that why as little kids, our kindergarten teachers let us practice putting the shapes in the right holes (no pun intended)?
***post is not an endorsement of said preachers choice of words.

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