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August 15, 2005

Sigh...another gay military scheme

“There are thousands of men and women out there who want to serve this country,” Gen. Peter Pace, incoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, recently told Congress. Statistically he’s right; strategically he’s missing a prime target. Gary J. Gates, a senior research fellow at the Williams Project at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law, recently reported that as many as 41,000 new recruits could be found if the gay ban were repealed. That’s enough people to entirely staff half a dozen aircraft carriers, and significantly more than the 30,000 extra troops the Army Chief of Staff said he needed in October. It is also far more than the number of recruits—32,879—the Army must find in order to meet its annual goal for 2005. Here is the way Gates’s theory works: The percentage of gay men in the military is currently below the percentage of gay men in the country at large. Removing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” a significant deterrent to military service for those men, is the equivalent of taking the “Gays Not Welcome” sign off the Pentagon door. The percentage of gay men in the armed forces could then mirror their representation in the general population, with 34,000 potential new recruits. Factor in the Reserves and the National Guard, and the number reaches 41,000.

So writes Steve Ralls, communications director of the military dismantlement group Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.
Herein lies the problem with such guess game theories. Ralls bases his entire 41,000 gay troop hypothesis on completely inflated numbers simply by dreaming up a numerical equation and inserting homosexuals. That's it...and this from a "senior research fellow". The 41,000 gay enlistee scenario is speculative at best not to mention completely preposterous.
The author of this hypothetical dreamfest is Gary Gates a "senior research fellow" with the Williams Project.
The Williams Project is a liberal gay rights "think tank" made possible by the financial backing of gay businessman Charles Williams (wow, the things people waste money to do). Gates does not say how many of these potentially gay troops are willing to be shipped to Iraq to fight in a war that for the most part the homosexual rights crowd is opposed to. Perhaps Gates believes all these troops will be stateside cooks and admin specialists. To me, the hypothesis appears be just another wiley coyote scheme by gay activists to tear down the walls of separation between homosexuality and the miltary.

This country can ill afford to base national security on such fabrications. But the propaganda workers at the Williams Project are willing to risk it. The propaganda specialists churn out the "reports" which are then quickly scooped up by front groups like SLDN and trumpeted as truth. Remember the gay gene study? How shameful and deceptive. Such gutter tactics are hand writings on the wall if military leaders fall prey to these social anarchists.

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