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August 15, 2005

More questions about ROSMY

The Richmond Organization for Sexual Minority Youth (ROSMY) has posted a statement on its website which has raised some rather interesting observations.

1. ROSMY did not deny that the "empowerment" ad was pedophiliac in nature and suggestive of illegal sexual activity between men and boys. Instead, it aired a laundry list of "accomplishments". Accomplishments have never negated illegal activity, nor is it a replacement for addressing and responding to what appears to be impropriety in its dealing with troubled youth.

2. ROSMY states that "educating" at-risk youth is better than ignorance about sexual diseases. I agree and wonder even the more why they would facilitate such a sexually suggestive ad to "at risk youth". That would be like a fox inviting a chicken in for dinner. ROSMY still has not answered why they hastily removed the man-boy ad when Perspectives blogged about it on July 28th. If they were following all the CDC guidelines (as they claim)and nothing was amiss in the camp, why the sudden departure of the ad?

3. Although gay activists continually berate researcher Paul Cameron as "discredited", it appears ROSMY certainly doesn't believe that. ROSMY justifies its existence with this statement (among others): Sexual minority youth are three to five times more likely to fall prey to alcohol or drug abuse. Simularly Cameron reported that gays and lesbians are "more likely to drink and drive" according the gay magazine, the Advocate. That means not only are these kids going to be sexually confused, but drunks who could potentially get on the street and kill someone.
Speaking of being discredited, the gay youth suicide story has long been discredited beginning with Louis Sullivan, who was chief of Health and Human Services (HHS) when it first surfaced. Yet, gay groups like ROSMY still repeat the bogus report for shock effect. The truth is that over half of the youths included only "thought about" killing themselves. These were counted as actual suicide attempts.

4. Is money at the root of this business? Everyone knows that AIDS dollars are big business. Could it be that groups like ROSMY need to keep the house full of "at risk" kids in order to get the big AIDS bucks from a government they despise? Although they claim to have "changed" hundreds of youth, the AIDS statistics (from CDC) on 13-24 year olds don't lie.

The question becomes then, just who is lying, ROSMY?

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