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September 19, 2005

Gay 'intellectuals' pushing pedastry

WorldNetDaily breaks an exclusive report on a group of homosexual Phd's who think men who have sex with boys is a good thing. I, and perhaps many Americans were under the impression the gay community despised the pedophilic element within their ranks. Apparently not.
Perhaps the hip designator of gay subcultures should now be modified to include pedophiles, i.e. GLBTQP (gay,lesbian,bisexual, transgender,questioning,pedophile).
First, there is no denying that a "gay and lesbian" associated imprint company has published a book extolling the perverted desires of men who want to have sex with boys.

Haworth Press, which has an imprint subsidiary for "lgbt" publications has partnered with a pair of first class Canadian perverts to bring to fore glorified smut a "scholarly journal" entitled Same-Sex Desire and Love in Greco-Roman Antiquity and in the Classical Tradition of the West. The Haworth reviewer almost gushes with shameless joy at the revelation that grown men in some ancient societies sexually abused young boys.
Writes William Percy, PhD, one of the contributors:

"Pederasty became a way to lead a boy into manhood and full participation in the polis, which meant not just participation in politics but primarily the ability to benefit the city in a wide range of potential ways. Thus the education, training, and even inspiration provided in the pederastic relationship released creative forces that led to what has been called the Greek 'miracle.'
One homosexual professor,Stephen Guy-Bray, PhD, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia reviewed the book and said it was an "important addition to queer [gay] theory."

While homosexuals exult over historical findings of homosexuality in ancient cultures they fail to see the obvious danger. All cultures which accepted and practiced homosexual pedophilia, particularly the Greco-Roman, vanished. The sordid images of pedastry left through iconography stand as grim reminders to the contemporary western world that such vile acceptance of the institutionalized abuse of young boys will end in destruction.

With this book, the infamous "slipperly slope" argument gets one more very convincing peice of evidence.

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