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September 21, 2005

Do you know this man?

In a case most bizarre, a man pretending to be a woman...(I'm sorry let me be pc), a post operative transsexual, was arrested by Texas A&M police at Reed Arena for criminal trespass. Apparently, the man, an evacuee from New Orleans, felt that he should use the women's shower facilities because he was "transitioning" to a female persona. Although he spent a few days in jail, the charges were enventually dropped.

Of course, when gay harpies rights groups found out about it they screamed bloody discrimination. David Smith, the Homosexual Rights Campaign’s (HRC) vice president of policy said “I contacted the detention center that evening and got nowhere after speaking with an extremely homophobic sergeant.” Leave it up to HRC to play the homophobia card.
The 20 year old Arpullo Vicks (aka Sharli'e Vicks) claimed that he was allowed to use the shower twice before the arrest. Vicks also claimed he told the volunteers about his "condition". Sure, I have all sorts of sympathy for the storm victims, but shouldn't we draw the line somewhere?

This is the type of backwards driving ideology that has America over a barrel thanks to LGBTQP influence. While homosexuals demand political acceptance based on something they allegedly can't change, cross dressers and genital mutilation patients demand political acceptance based on something they want to change. As I have said before, these strange bedfellows are at polar opposites of the sexual ideology spectrum, but nonetheless forced together as "sexual minorities".
Its funny gays harp about exgays pretending to be "straight", but if there was ever a clearer case of pretense, this is it. I promise to write more indept about the transsexual/transgender thing soon.

What do you think? Should post operative (after surgery) transsexuals shower with women, men or should they have a third shower marked "others"?
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