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September 22, 2005

Fake it, till you make it

"Hate Crimes" fraud is real.
**At the University of Georgia, a homosexual resident assistant reported that he had been victimized in nine hate crimes, including three supposed incidents of arson. When police questioned him, he admitted to performing the acts himself.1

**A homosexual student at the College of New Jersey, Edward Drago, was arrested for sending death threats to himself and a homosexual student group in which he served as treasurer. Before Drago confessed to committing the crimes himself, a large student rally was held, complete with faculty support and pink ribbons. Drago was suspended pending a disciplinary hearing in court.2

**A lesbian student at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota slashed her own face and falsely claimed that two men shouted anti-homosexual remarks and attacked her. Students raised almost $12,000 as a reward for information about her "attackers."3

**At Eastern New Mexico University, a lesbian student claimed that she had been attacked after her name was posted on an anti-homosexual "hit list" at a local coin laundry. Police arrested her after a surveillance camera showed her posting the list.4

**A lesbian in South Carolina was charged in 2001 with giving false information to a police officer, saying that she had been beaten. Police contend that she hired a man to beat her so that she could report it as a hate crime.5

**In Manchester, England, a homosexual minister faked a story about being raped. He is quoted as saying that he felt "intrinsically evil" for his sexual desires. The staged rape attack prompted an intensive police investigation, and upon admitting to an attempted perversion of the court of justice, the minister was given a two-year community rehabilitation sentence and was fined 10,000 pounds.6

**In Mill Valley, California, a 17-year-old female wrestler at a local high school faked a series of "gay-bashing" incidents that prompted a police investigation. She claimed that she was the target of hateful language, i.e. anti-homosexual epithets on her car and school locker, and was pelted with eggs outside her home. The teenager was the leader of her school's Gay-Straight Alliance and later admitted to authorities that she perpetrated all of the incidents.7
Source: Concerned Women for America

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