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September 22, 2005


Ding, dong the witch is dead.

After extensive public outcry over the homosexual book praising sex between men and boys, Haworth publishers has cancelled its publication according to WorldNetDaily who first broke the story on Monday.Story here.

Here's the official word from Haworth:

The Haworth Press, Inc., has cancelled publication of this book. The company Board of Directors and Ethics Committee met on the matter and have voted not to proceed with publication of the book.
Our editors generally have sole authority over what they decide to publish in the journals and books they edit, and this good-faith agreement usually works well, but on occasion, an editor accepts something that sparks negative controversy.
We have decided not to go ahead with publication of this book. We wish to note that the majority of this book deals with the historical aspect of homosexuality in ancient Greece and Rome, which is classified as scholarship. Readers have noted, however, that one chapter of the book could be interpreted as advocating adult and adolescent sexuality. We thank the public for bringing this to our attention.
Haworth publishes many valuable journals and books on the treatment and prevention of child sexual abuse, and we wish to reiterate our commitment to the treatment and prevention of all types of abuse against children and others.
If you became aware of this attempt to normalize pedophilia by gay activists through the story I wrote, please email me [] and let me know.
hattip: Richard

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