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October 25, 2005

News & Perspectives Roundup

Whew! There is so much going on. I'll do some summaries about what others are saying.
  • Independent Conservative observes how gay groups are attempting to control public airwaves following a protest of GSAs in Maryland.
  • NewsBusters "What's gay got to do with it?" comments on MSMs (main stream media)illogical fears about Dr. James Dobson's endorsement of the new film Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe turning off secular audiences.
  • WorldNetDaily: Another homosexual sexfest blown away by the hurricane? These storms continue to reveal the sordid underbelly of the homosexual community. First, "Southern Decadence", now "Fantasy Fest".
  • Disgusting and demonic. That's how I would describe the "victory" homosexuals gained with the Texas vs Lawrence case. Read this shocking article revealing the truth behind the case.
  • Even though Haworth Publishers rejected publication of one gay pedophilia book because of public outcry, NARTH's Dr. Dean Byrd questions why the company sells other gay pedophilia books.
  • The end of an era has come. Rosa Parks, the celebrated matriarch of the black civil rights movement has died at age 92. Check LaShawn Barber's commentary on her life and works. Considering that homosexual activists have attempted to piggy back on the blood, sweat and tears of good people like Rosa Parks, the evil intentions of the movement stand as polar opposites of the moral foundations of the civil rights movement.
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