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November 14, 2005

Celebrating the kill?

Philadelphia - A young black gay man, in jail for manslaughter for killing another teen who attacked him, was released November 10.

But a homosexual writer is celebrating the kill. Is it right to exult when a human life is taken just because the individual attacked a gay person? I don't think so. Steven Koval who blogs for the Blade newspapers, calls it a "blow to gay victimhood".

Victims? Yes.
Special victims? No.

Gay men are not attacked because they are any weaker than anyone else, criminals will attack whomever they perceive as weak. The same thing happens in the animal world. Unfortunately, its a sad fact of our fallen world. The strong sometimes prey on the weak. In his post, Koval writes homosexuals "should applaud this brave young man's refusal to be victimized and come to his aid."

Applaud a murder? How moral is that? Applauding any murder or murderer of any kind shows a fundamental lack of regard for human life. Although Koval called the murdered teen's death a "tragedy", it wasn't because he was sorry for the loss of life. This type of twisted logic is what makes me oppose "hate crimes" legislation. Such legislation is pure hypocrisy and personally punitive in its intent. Generally, homosexual activists like Koval who champion hate crimes legislation don't extend any sympathy for others. They are only concerned about gay life. That's why we saw such an outpouring of "outrage" over Matthew Shepherd but dismissive disdain over the death 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising.

The judge rightfully released Lucas Dawson because it was self defense. Thankfully, Dawson's family understood the scope of the tragedy. Said Dawson's stepfather other the other family: "They lost a kid, too."


DL Foster said...

"Applaud a murder? How moral is that? Applauding any murder or murderer..."

My above sentence is amended to say
"Applaud a death? How moral is that? Applauding any death shows..."

Regan said...

Where was there ANY 'dismissive disdain' over the death of Jesse Dirkishing?
In none of the gay press, or even the mainstream press was there any such thing.
There are several outstanding mitigating issues around the death of the boy that make it VERY different from the Matt Shepard killing.

1. JD was a minor and in the course of his case, a gag order could well have been in effect. Also, his family didn't cooperate with the press or speak out themselves on JD's behalf.

This could have been shame at the specter of the boy being gay and the family problems that made him seek out the friendship of the men who killed him to begin with.

2. It was an ACCIDENTAL death, not one deliberate against the boy because he was gay. It wasn't a BIAS crime

It's important that the press didn't exploit a stereotype.

The gay media was just as outraged that a boy was killed by gay men, and said so. They were INVESTED that the truth about the case be known because of the general indictment of gay men.

The complaint that the JD case wasn't responded to in the same way has nothing to do with suppression by gay people at all.
It couldn't have been. It wasn't the SAME kind of incident.

Which you have failed to mention here as well.

I'll say it again.
Hate crimes legislation isn't about ANY CRIME, but how justice is dealt for the specific victims of hate.

If you have an issue about the JD killing.
What's more appropriate is dealing with all adults who assault CHILDREN the same way.

When discussing crime and justice, it's important to also point out motive and historical context.
And who has been denied justice and protection before.
Look up the Emmett Till case.
And the outcome and the outrage around his killing.
HIS killing had more in common with that of Matt Shepard.