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November 15, 2005

A troll by any other name

Mahndisa nailed it. Her post Demons and Trolls summarized her feelings with the liberal lefties that generally flood conservative or traditional worldview blogs and spew hate so vile it reminds me of that green bile Linda Blair spit out of her mouth in the classic chiller "The Exorcist". And on a priest at that. How ironic. Of course on this blog I have the gay/progay wing of the left. One particular T&D hasn't quite gotten the hint yet that I dont wan't him here. Maybe after he has endured a crushing series of comment deletions will he pack his garbage bags and go elsewhere. I'm sure he knows why. Demons and trolls *sigh*. They are a deceptive lot indeed.

Well, Im sorry Mahndisa that you had a bad experience when you visited. Normally, Perspectives is a model garden of love and peace where all men (and liberal commenters) coexist is blissful harmony**. I'm not sure what went wrong in my absence. However, in defense of the person (vesti) you sparred with, he cannot be considered a true troll because he has been here for some time.

I do disagree with you on Farrakhan. I dont think his "good" deeds outweigh his evil nature so I wont ever give him any applause. But, then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hey, did anybody ever tell you, you look like Tyra Banks?

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**pure fantasy


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 16 05

Thx for the kind words DL. And not Tyra no, but my little sister does look like her:) Geesh, that guy is disturbing! Oh well, thx for plugging my article and for being a nice person with whom one can agree to disagree and still feel sanity:)

DL Foster said...

I know you know this, but they dont like it when they cant control you. Keep a cool head and delete them upside the head until they fade to gray.