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April 25, 2006

Kincaid unearths the "big one"

On the eve of our departure for Barbados, I was told about a stunning discovery. After investigating for myself, I came to the conclusion that this stunning discovery ranks up there with the invention of the light bulb and the first automobile.

In what I would say is one of the most ridiculous uses of internet whitespace, gay activist/christian pretender to the xxgaywatch throne of sherlock holmian order of internet slueths, (breathe here) Timothy Kincaid has uncovered (gasp!) our trip to Barbados.

Kincaid never ceases to amaze me. Wait, let me change that. He does amaze me. As the aggrieved religious figurine du jour at xxgaywatch, Kincaid "reports" on all things religious. An expentecostal, Kincaid admits that the extent of his religious training is limited to a few select prayers (God make me hetero) and some select Bible readings. He also claims from this limited experience, God's answer to him was "clear" that he would not be made "hetero".
Fancying himself as some type of gay christian knight in shining rainbow armor, the report's urgent tone reveals that Kincaid believes he's hauled in a big fish. This time he has stumbled upon a jewel of a story in which he snattingly chocked full of "DL Foster" quotes handcuffed to wild, delusional predictions about blood baths, murders and social chaos in the wake of our Barbados trip. Seriously, Im not making this up.

Kincaid: "I wonder if they’ve gone too far. I wonder if violence and death will result from this seminar. I wonder if finally some of those in Exodus will look at the blood on their hands and realize that in their efforts to win political battles they have become instruments of evil."
Don't laugh, but I'm envisioning Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz now. Just wondering and wondering. Well, Timmy let's see here. You cited two deaths, several beatings and an insignificant name calling incident as evidence that the Caribbean, with a combined population of near 40 million people, is out of control. Now really. You cite six "antigay" incidents. Six. Wow...six. From there, Kincaid sets out to make his case against me and Exodus as the main instigators of the bloodbath engulfing the Caribbean.

Kincaid's perfectly constructed,ominous, slippery slope statement (play creepy music here) had an immediate chilling effect on his fellow fearful gays.

  • Stung by Kincaid's whitewashed lie, Jim believes the Caribbean is a place "where severely beating and killing gay people is sanctioned by society and police forces."
  • "Boo" believes that former homosexuals will be butchered too: "If he makes too much of being "formerly" gay, he may not escape the island alive."
  • Randy feels sorry for everyone...even pedophiles: "The public, society has no moral right to infringe on any act that doesn't hurt anyone else."
  • "Barbie Ann" thinks there is nonstop "beating and killing of anyone thought to be gay."
  • Poor Christine is "shocked and horrified" that Alan Chambers didn't silence me on his blog.(stop laughing, she's serious!)
  • Joe Brummer is sure that multiple deaths will occur: "It seems with this DL can really say he is responsible for the death[sic] of others"
  • Satisfied that he has adequately ignited the fires of gay fear, Kincaid smugly opines: "I'm not sure if he would even care if someone was murdered as a direct result of his speech."
  • I'm no Dr. Phil but these people have two obvious problems: (1) they have watched way too many Freddie Krueger movies and (2) they have watched way too many Freddie Krueger movies.

    Snoop-of-the-week Kincaid's report actually reads like the monologue of some lip smacking drag queen. See there girl. Uhnnnn hunnn. I told you so. What high drama. Kincaid really should retitle the article "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!" Kincaid's contempt for the good people of the Caribbean lies mostly in the fact that said people are not willing to change their religious beliefs about homosexuality. That's really what gets most gay activists steaming. They want everyone to fall down and worship their brand of acceptance. But de islands taint havin' it mon!

    Finally, even though the prissified watchers crew have repeatedly denigrated him, spoken evil about his wife, posted pictures online of his office (a sublimal we know where you are threat), and called him every foul name their cheap minds could dream up, (breathe again here) the watchers demanded that Exodus President Alan Chambers issue a urgent worldwide alert disassociating himself with me (okay laugh out loud right here).

    See you when I return.