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May 07, 2006

Barbados and back

Hundreds of Bajans turned out for that country's first ever conference on sex and sexuality sponsored in part by Project PROBE Ministries. In addition to the local Bajans, the conference had in attendance delegates from Jamaica, England and Trinidad and Tobago giving it a truly international flavor.

The event was held at the Sherbourne Conference Center in the midst of Hero's Day, a national holiday celebrating the island's distinguished men and women of the past.
Despite dire predictions of bloodshed and mayhem by gay activists (see the post below), the three day conference was a peaceful yet powerful investment in the lives of those in attendance.

Many of the people in attendance knew someone homosexual or either had a strong desire to stand for what was right. There was a huge concern that the country might press for a law decriminalizing homosexuality. But the unusally peaceful Bajans rose up in protest, which in turn prompted the conference. Pat Lawrence, Executive Director of Exodus Global Alliance headquartered in Toronto and myself fielded endless questions on topics from youth to church ministry to personal overcoming.

Over 25 people made a commitment to launch an overcoming ministry for Barbados.


After working hard, I had the opportunity to tour the east and west coasts of Barbados. Thanks to my friend Stewart and his wife who is like a professional tour guide. The lush scenery, breath taking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea are memories I will not soon forget. Particularly, on the wilder east coast The Bathsheba Rock. The Rock is a huge naturally formed architecture which majestically sits or rather juts out of the ocean's edge. I'm not sure why its called the Bathsheba other than its the name of the nearby village.

Barbados' west coast is where the money and wealthy houses are. Some of it is very urban, chic what I would call a island soho. Unfortunately due to the holiday I didnt get to shop much, but did thanks to a good friend Arthur, had a personal viewing of a art gallery in the district.