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May 31, 2006

7 Questions for William Roebuck

William Roebuck, the once reluctant "Jonah" behind the soon to be released movie Sodom and Gomorrah took time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions about his project. Despite the oftimes controversial nature of theatrical offerings dealing with homosexuality, William says the movie has a clear redemptive message. In this special interview, he answers some of the whys and whats for Perspectives:

1. DL: Someone might ask with all the other issues plaguing our society, couldn't you have done a movie on any other subject?

"We all could always choose to do something different. I believe it was very important to tackle this subject because there are many who are afflicted by homosexuality and the younger generation is becoming more and more confused. To be honest, I do not feel as if the subject is approached properly. Similar to the DaVinci Code this film will engage people and open up a dialogue. One where people listen and respect one another because they took a minute to consider someone else's feelings other than their own."
2. DL: Why are you debuting the movie at Gay Days? Won't that just hype the controversy?
"We are debuting the film at Gay Days to give the gay community an opportunity to see the trailer and get a better understanding of what the film is about. It will not feed into the controversy because we do our very best to avoid that. We do not entertain negative questions from the media and we do not protest the lifestyle of others. We have had conversations with the Gay Days organizers and they do not have a problem with us being at their event. The gay community pride's themselves on being sophisticated and open minded and they are ready to see the trailer."
3. DL: In your opinion, what's more important: Confronting wayward culture or healing the hurting damaged by wayward culture?
"I believe confronting wayward culture and healing the damage caused by it are both equally important. In the past the church made attempts to combat pornography, but in my opinion we are definitely losing that battle. We have done so poorly in that area that the number one consumer of Internet pornography is 12-17 year olds. That goes to show that if you do not confront the problem it will affect the next generation. But at the same time you will always have people who have been affected by wayward culture and you must extend your hand out to them and give them all the guidance and support that you can. If you do not, that very same person will negatively impact others. Just like with any disease you want to prevent it as much as you can and try to treat those infected as soon as possible so the disease does not spread."
4. DL: Have you had any second thoughts about doing the movie?
"I have had many second thoughts. There was a period of a year where I ignored the idea. Once I began to write and I wrote the first draft I ended up destroying it. For a good while I felt like Jonah. I knew that I was being called to use my talent for this project, but I did not want to answer. I didn't think there was a basis for the movie, but then I realized that if that were true, then the story would have never been in the bible. So from that point on I just prayed and asked God to guide me in the right direction."
5. DL: Is there a clear redemptive message in S&G?
"Absolutely. The message in a nutshell is that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. I believe that everyone is afflicted by something. We are all tempted and we are all vulnerable in some point in our lives, but we can have the victory if we repent of our sins, believe in Christ and the redeeming power of the blood that he shed before he rose again. All of us were created to be in fellowship with God and we will always feel empty inside until we accept his invitation to have a relationship with him."
6. DL: What do you think about people (exgays/former homosexuals)? Do you think they are important in the spectrum of discussions about homosexuality?
"Ex gays and Former Homosexuals are extremely important to this issue. These are actually people who have struggled with same sex desires and were delivered from them by the grace of God. There is no stronger testimony than for someone to tell of how God has worked in their lives. It is important to mention different groups that are working hard to reach the gay community and point people toward Christ. These ministries are filled with loving people who care about the soul of a man or woman."
7. DL: What can Christians do to show support for S&G?
"Christians have been very supportive of the film so far. They are simply spreading the word to their churches, communities, and workplaces. They are praying for the film and asking God to open the hearts and mind of men so they can receive His word. All across the country Christians are handing out postcards and putting up posters. They are engaging people on the messageboard and just getting excited about the film. But the most important thing that they can do is to pray for the film and more Christian entertainment to be produced. The media has the most influence over our culture and we as Christians need to enter the arena and start using the media for the honor and glory of God."
William: "Thank you for the opportunity to answer these question. May God bless you and keep you as you continue on your journey with Him."

DL: Thank you William! Best wishes on the film and here's hoping that it will have a great impact on society and culture.

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