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June 01, 2006

Delta's curious gay ads

This is just an observation. A curious one about sexuality, race and economics.
Not well thought out, but nonetheless a curious intersection.

I was informed that some Delta Airlines employees in Atlanta could barely contain their shock when the company rolled out new 2006 ads supporting the 2006 "pride" festival for gay employees and announcing service to a South American destination. It seems that through the ads, the company may have unwittingly revealed an aspect or perhaps the core nature of the gay identified community. To be blunt, I dont know who is getting played more Delta or the gay community. Either way you look at this four headed beast its sex baiting at its worst.

One ad (published in the Advocate, Out, & OutTraveler) announcing service to Sao Paulo, Brazil, invitingly says "Go Anywhere Anything Goes." Of course that's coded language in reference to the new Brazilian homosexual parades and the accompanying debauchery they are fast becoming known for. Delta's 06 gay pride offerings included a billboard proclaiming "Brazil Its different down there." Employees with the Delta gay diversity group GLEN, will be treated to colored tee shirts emblazoned with the messages:
"Get Lucky" (green)
"Size Does Matter" (blue)
"Go Brazilian" (red)
GLEN, through an in house website, tells gay employees they have to wear the white tees with just the Delta logo on it at the Delta booth and in the parade. That's just in case any snooping conservatives or nosy religious people happen to be watching and think Delta is promoting sex hedonism.

Delta's ads and tee shirts point to one specific thing: sex, albeit in a sublimal sort of way. But if Delta was aiming an ad at a racial/ethnic group there would be no hint of sexual innuendo. What does that tell you about Delta's view of the gay community? Is Delta just pandering to what gays really want or do they feel playing sex games is most effective way to get "gay money" into Delta's bankrupt coffers?

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