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May 30, 2006

Lesbian writer: lesbian rapes 'common'

Exgaywatch is accusing my friend Janet Boynes of lying about the percentages of lesbians who have been raped/sexually molested.

Apparently, in their hateful haste to paint yet another exgay with the brush of falsehood, Daniel Gonzales failed to mention that the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force published an article which agrees with Janet. Gonzales, who presumably is neither a lesbian nor a member of the NGLTF jumped on Boynes statement to Kim Jefferies immediately accusing her of "making up some interesting statistics".

Here's what Janet said:

"From what I know I believe there's 80% of women, between 80 and 85% of women that are struggling with homosexuality were either raped by someone they knew or somebody outside of that but normally there's some type of rape or some kind of molestation in our past."
Let's deal with Janet's statement first.
1. She clearly stated that the information was her understanding of it.
2. She identified the mentioned group, not as the general lesbian population, but "women who are struggling with homosexuality".
3. She included herself in this group of women even further narrowing the scope of who she was referring to. So was she just making up wild statistics as Gonzales contends? Not at all. But here's what reveals just how hate thirsty the exgay stalking crew is at exgaywatch. Compare Janet's statement with the paper written by lesbian activist Abby Tallmer.
"Since rape or sexual assault is perhaps the most common form of attack against lesbians (as it is against all women), it follows that many purely practical issues would arise for lesbians who victims of rape or sexual assault."
Now, let's deal with Tallmer's statement.
1. Unlike Gonzales, she is a lesbian and apparently her authority on the issue is enough for the NGLTF to publish her and the Milwaukee LGBT Community to reprint it.
2. Tallmer's statement implies at the very least that all lesbians are subjected to rape. We can safely assume that she is speaking of lesbians who are not as Boynes stated "struggling". Given that the two of them cover both spectrums of the argument, it is highly possible that 80-85% of all lesbians have experienced some form of sexual assault.
3. Tallmer stated the article was based on "interviews with women who counsel lesbian victims". Again, exgaywatch's mischaracterization of Janet Boynes' statement is pure ignorance. Its a shame that so many lesbian women have to struggle with the after effects of sexual aggression without exgaywatch adding to the pain by denying its frequency.

Look for Janet's brand new website [] next month!

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