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May 29, 2006

Ducasse claims ministers ordered lesbian's murder

The investigation is far from being over.
There are no known suspects.
Police have no motives.
No eyewitness accounts have been forthcoming.

But none of that matters to Regan Ducasse. Ducasse, known for conjuring up conspiracy theories,and a frequent commenter at exgaywatch, posted on gay activist's Keith Boykin's website a stunning accusation that two prominent, black DC ministers ordered the May 16th shooting death of a 20 year old lesbian in DC. She writes:

"Male resentment at this beautiful youg[sic] woman? No surprise there. Was her life was[sic] expendable because of her orientation?....i[sic] That big mouthed minister Wilson, or the other one...Owens....what cold comfort have they to offer Ms. Smith's family and friends? From their mouths to the devil's ears. And the foot soldiers go out and murder for those black clergy. Will they say anything of the violence on our lesbian sisters? My sorrow and outrage are almost beyond words."
Ducasse, who claims to work for the LAPD perhaps knows something even the DC police don't know. Maybe she can help out here.

Capt. C.V. Morris, commander of the D.C. Police Homicide Squad told the Washington Blade that police have no evidence to indicate the incident was a hate crime. Ducasse, however seems sure that the murderers (1) were members of Pastor Willie Wilson's or Bishop Alfred Owens' church, (2) heard him say that a lesbian should be murdered and (3) the persons dutifully got up from church, went out made the hit.

Perspectives calls on Ms DuCasse to retract such a libelous and inflammatory statement and apologize immediately to Rev. Willie Wilson and Bishop Alfred Owens.

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