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June 27, 2006

More of Rev. Alfred Charles Sharpton's nonsense

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"There are no gay people coming to our churches asking to get married, but there are plenty of people coming with problems voting or their sons in jail," Sharpton said. "I am not going to sit here silently and let these leaders distort our church with these issues."

That's nonsensical lie # who-knows-how-many from Rev. Al (Alfred Charles) Sharpton, Jr. He's really, really upset because many black ministers and pastors are standing against homosexual marriage. The ones who don't say anything, just don't agree with him. During the Democratic primary in South Carolina, one black preacher pointedly told him, "you were my leader until you said that" [support for homosexuality]. My problem with Sharpton is that he is a known liar and race pimp. If he could just answer a few questions honestly, maybe we could believe he is more concerned about Black America than he is with the spotlight. Any spotlight.

    What church does he pastor?
    Who ordained him and when?
    Where does he attend church?
    What spiritual leader is he accountable to?
    Does he ever preach the Bible?
    Who is the "our" in "our churches"?
    When is the last time Sharpton or his Rev-pal Jesse Jackson actually visited somebody's son in jail?
    Exactly how many is "plenty" of people coming to the church about so-called voting problems and whose church?
    Why is Sharpton, et al telling black folk to go to the church about state issues, when liberals believe so strongly in the mythical separation of church and state clause?

There are also a few problems with Sharpton's "no gay people in the church asking to get married" statement. In February, Sharpton was here in Atlanta --at a church-- to whip homosexual churchgoers into a frenzy about their marriage rights. He was paid (money) by the National Black Justice Coalition. Hmmm, imagine that, a black preacher being paid to say what somebody else wants them to say.
According to the NBJC, they paid Sharpton to come and speak at an event which was "a direct response to anti-marriage proponents pandering to the black church for their own agenda. It is imperative that religious leaders realize and recognize the contributions of the LGBT community and the impact marriage discrimination will have on African American children and families."

Sharpton claims on one hand that gay marriage is a non issue in the black community, but on the other side of his neck, he makes gay marriage a personal crusade. Look here and here.

Sharpton claims he is trying to get attention back on the real issues like war, poverty and black race hustlers who find their audiences dwindling. You know, the real issues. So he has chosen white conservatives as the real culprits. According to Al, white conservatives are the real reason why black folk have no money and are in jail. Sharpton says that if Democrats don't get on the stick about gay marriage and gay support, real issues, he will not rule out a presidential run for 2008.

Pimpin' aint easy: Independent Conservative's Prolife perspective of the Sharpton's event.

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