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August 05, 2006

Adam Kautz: snapshot of growing hate

Adam Kautz, the Olympia, WA homosexual activist who fell off the deep end and vocalized his fervent wish to see me dead, didn't just start yesterday. He has a long history of vocalizing a mounting disdain for former homosexuals and the larger exgay movement which eventually led to his meltdown of hate emails to me.
Most of his deathwish journey has been posted on Exgaywatch and Wayne XGW by their own admission only reprimanded him once in 11 times. They deleted his comments. We wonder why and what did he say? More death wishes?

Here's a sampling of Adam Kautz's invective: (thanks Laura)

"highly doubt any of the so-called ex0gays were ever gay to begin with, I mean have you ever seen these people they are UGLY. Honestly they have faces that only a mother could love. Not that it is anything plastic surgery or excercise could cure. But I think that is why they are the way they are, they know they can't make it as gay so they become ex-gay knowing that the opposite sex is less appearance oriented."
From Exgaywatch:
"James hartline is a troll the fact that he has to harrass us just proves that he isn't over his homosexuality. James is nothing more than a pathological liar.
Posted by: judah22 at November 3, 2005 06:01 PM
James is nothing more than a pathological liar, he lied about death threats against him, so his sordid past doesn't surprise me, he still continued being gay after becoming born again, he blames gays for getting himself infected, only he doesn't mention that he chose to go on a meth binge for 10 days as well as frequent a gay bathhouse, so really he only has himself to blame for getting aids, If and I mean IF he ever takes responsibility for his own actions as it seems that no former homosexuals ever take responsibility for their actions when they were gay which is why they are NEVER HAPPY. I predict that James will die a grouchy lonely old man and no one except right wingers will attend his funeral.
Posted by: judah22 at November 4, 2005 03:33 AM

Apparently his orginal email accusing me of being a narcissist isn't original at all.
E-mail address: Comments: you are such a narcissist. You blame others for the sins you yourself have commited. oh and just so you know the Many of paul's letters were actually forged. You want to know who were the real christians they were called the gnostics, Gnostic means to know which means they were knowledge seekers guess what happened to them, they were hunted down and executed by the Abominable Catholic Church, what Christianity has become is a sham to what Jesus intended for mankind. Oh and another Jehovah of the old testament was satan, The jewish god is actually satan. Even Christ said that about Jehovah." Source

"Tyler is upset because he knows that he and his ilk are responsible for these crimes. Just because you didn't yourself commit the crime doesn't make you innocent, hell if you want to stop being blamed for these incidents then stop slandering us lgbt people and we'll stop blaming you." source

Kautz has been chomping at the bit to "tell me off" since I banned him from Perspectives
"Oh regan [ducasse] I got flamed by dlf, but I told him off, I called him a narcissist and to prove my assertion I looked it up for myself and if you read it it will definetely describe dlf, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Jerry Fallwell, Concerned Women for America, the afa etc. I am surprised that they still don't get it. Oh by the way if any of you wonder what makes a narcissist I will give you the link If this isn't enough info for you then google traits of a narcissist and there will be tons of links."
Posted by: judah22 at July 29, 2005 03:54 PM

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