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August 05, 2006

Racist, deathwisher Kautz posting on Exgaywatch again

As if to somehow cover his own violent racism, homosexual activist Adam Kautz is now comfortably posting again at exgaywatch comparing the debunked Mathew Shephard story to exgw's lone "christian" gay expert, Timothy Kincaid's predictable name it and blame it game. Kincaid opines:
"When you falsely characterize someone as the enemy of society, you are morally responsibly when society beats them half to death. The political ex-gay ministries need to take an objective look to see if they have blood on their hands."
Responds Kautz:
"yes but do you remember the ?Matthew Sheppard murder? Russell Henderson was a Mormon and in the Mormon Church Church leaders have stated that homosexuality is a sin worse than adultery and an abomination, so what this told Henderson was that it was ok to kill Matthew Sheppard as he was less than a human being. I only know this about Mormon Doctrine as I was a member of that church."
This why gay spin is so insiduous. Once they launch a 90% lie, others pick it up and run with it. Kautz repeats the 90 percenter, but fails to say that Henderson had been excommunicated from the Mormon church. He was hardly the "religious conservative" homosexual activists want him to be. Henderson was a murderer. Nothing more, nothing less. But the added salacious bit of him being a Mormon murderer who killed a gay man is what fits the 90% lie of gay religionists like Kincaid and his apparent mentee, Adam Kautz.

I wonder if Kautz wishes that I also are killed in a Matthew Shepard fashion? After all he (1)falsely characterizes me as the enemy of society and (2)supports Kincaid's idea that such a person is willfully compliant in the resultant death. That would make Kautz and Kincaid equally culpable if someone, reading their words, decided to carry out Kautz's deathwish against me.

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