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August 01, 2006

Boykin wrong on Cosby...and black men

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I'm confused. Before you start in with all the smart wisecracks let me tell you why. Perhaps after hearing it, you may be somewhat confused too.

The problem lies with gay activist Keith Boykin, whose commentary on "race and sexuality" is supposed to be really cool. At least that's what most of his followers think. But I guess even the best of us can get mixed up somedays. The other day Boykin got upset with Bill Cosby about something Cosby said about black men. "Cosby has it wrong about black men", he wrote emphatically. Well Bill has been ruffling a lot of feathers lately. You know he's been telling black folk to tighten up on the tighten up. Bill is kicking crutches and taking names. I'll reserve my judgment on his rightness or wrongness, but I was curious as to what made Boykin declare with such finality that Cosby was wrong about black men.

Angry at the press for their portrayal of black men, Cosby said,

"I'm not interested in hearing that things aren't as bad as they seem. They're horrible."
Cosby was angry because liberal flagship Washington Post, surmised through a survey that most black men are doing ok nowadays. 80% of black men surveyed said they were satisfied with their live and 6 out of 10 said it was a good time to be a black man. Well, for years liberals have decried the state of the black man in America. You know the drill:
  • More black men in jail than in college
  • Black men are arrested at higher rates and are sentenced to longer times.
  • Black men make up the highest percentages of unemployment
  • Black male high school dropouts are triple the rate of their white counterparts

    Of course, liberals like Boykin have always attributed this to racism and discrimination. Since George Bush took office, liberals elected him whipping boy-in-chief for the ills of the black man.

    So, Bill Cosby is right, right? Things are really bad for black men in America. But according to Keith Boykin, one of the President's constant critics, Cosby is wrong. Huh? Okay, we got that part.
    But on the day prior, Boykin (writing on the suicide death of a black gay man) opines "Its not easy being a black man. Its not easy being a black man who loves black men."

    What do you think? Is life better for black men in America, is it worse or has it stayed the same?

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