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August 03, 2006

Churchosexuality: preachin' the gay way

Don't you just love those "social justice" churches? You know, the ones where God is replaced with man and everyone is just one big "loving, tolerant and accepting" family. But there's one thing social justice churches won't tolerate its not including homosexuals as "equal partners".

The church, according to the Bible, is supposed to be a place where the authority of God is expressed and appreciated in HIS worship, service and obedience. But not for gay activists who want "equality". They are less concerned with obedience to God and obsessed with "equality". If you've ever wondered what homosexual activists want preachers to preach, here's a blazing example from the newly formed religious wing of the National Black Justice Coalition. The group is a consortium of homosexuality affirming (liberal) black clergy and the homosexual religionists who puppet them. Nevermind that God said he would give us pastors after his heart. Gay activists want to reshape pastors and their churches into a place where sin is OK. If you allow one sin to be accepted and tolerated... Pastors beware: This is a queer eye for the pastor guy makeover alert!

Don't laugh, they're serious. The church is simply another place to achieve "equality". I put equality in quotes because their definition of equality clashes with the biblical definition. Headed by the overbearingly arrogant Eric Michael Dyson, a self described "public intellectual", Faithful Call coaches church pastors on what they should be preaching on Sunday morning:

They say deliver a sermon that:
  • Explains the spiritual harms caused by homophobia.
  • Talks of the role of homophobia and the subsequent spread of HIV/AIDS
  • Tells the story of your journey to the welcome and acceptance of same gender loving people as spiritual beings of worth
  • Is a cautionary tale of demonizing groups of people to the detriment of their souls, society and democratic principles/why discrimination is immoral
  • Explains Christ’s call for hospitality which includes the welcome of everyone
  • Speaks of the realities of basic, sacred human sexuality that is inclusive of lesbian and gay people
  • Affirms Love as the fundamental organizing principle of life/not limited to heterosexuals
  • Educates congregations about same gender loving heroes and their contributions to society (i.e., George Washington Carver, James Baldwin, Angela Davis, Barbara Jordan, Bayard Rustin, A. Philip Randolph, Eleanor Roosevelt, Michelangelo, Da Vinci)
  • Speaks of how transformative it is for people to experience equality, love, justice, fair play, acceptance and connection
  • Talks of the importance of marriage equality for same gender loving people

  • Let me interpret this nice niceness for you: drink the koolaid, already! Ok, I know just the person to enlist to deal with this.

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