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September 26, 2006

NARTH now "exgay"?

There's a major flaw with this post and it has to do with attribution. Two gay activist types are attempting to play a bizarre hand of race cards. More later on that.

But first, a few commercials.

1. I am no fan of the word exgay or ex-gay as presented by gay rights activists or the exgay crowd (if they embrace that term). To me, its just a political byword. Gay is a political identity and thus exgay (as defined) is simply an outgrowth of that identity.
2. I'm not defending NARTH in any way. I think the Besen/exgaywatch brouhaha is excessively manufactured media pandering. Don't be surprised, that's nothing new.
3. I don't like linking to posts which have in my opinion borderline "porn" if not porn outright. Of course, people have different standards, so perhaps to them, its not pornographic at all. But I'll waive that this time for the sake of pointing this out.

Rod 2.0's blog headline reads "Ex-Gays" Refuse to Apologize for Slavery Remark. That would be true if the alleged offenders were actually exgays. But they are not. So the story's thesis makes it obviously slanted against so-called exgays. Or at least those who go by that term. Specifically, NARTH is a self described scientific/research organization. It has partnerships with exgay ministries and various coalitions of groups who believe homosexuality can be changed. But NARTH itself is not an exgay group. It could be more accurately termed a pro-exgay organization.

Dr. Gerald Schoenewolf is not exgay either. He is a member of NARTH, but not exgay. So just who are these "exgays who refuse to apologize"? Furthermore we have heard absolutely nothing from the APA of which Dr. Schoenewolf is also a member.

From what I've seen NARTH hasn't at all said "we refuse to apologize". To say that they have is pure conjecture. Like any organization, NARTH has the right to have internal discussions about accusations and then decide as a group how they want to respond. If they plan to do so at all. However, the fire chiefs are yelling fire and want NARTH to run out of the building naked.

And finally, tell me why white gays are not apologizing for the repeated acts of racism they engage in? Do they get a pass? Comments are different that acts. Wayne Besen's feigned concern about "racism" is just that. Feigned. He has yet to say anything significant about that. There has certainly been some angry rumbling in that area. Maybe NARTH should pull a Clinton on them.

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