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October 30, 2006

Leave us alone says "happy" homosexual

Last week, I got a complaint email from a homosexual who wanted to know why I couldn't just leave him (or her) and other "happy" homosexuals alone.
"Why cant you accept that most of us have no desire to be converted, we are happy, we are tired of your anti gay rhetoric..we basically just want you to leave us the f*** alone. Why not start now - and shut the hell up."
That's a fair question. And since the complaintant wanted me to post his or her question on my site, I will oblige with an answer.

I want to point out to you sir or mam that I am surprised that you think I am attempting to "convert" "happy" gays like yourself. You provided me with no evidence whatsoever to back up your accusation so I can only say that you are wrong. Consequently, there is nothing for me to accept. But just so that you and other "happy" gays can sleep well at night, please know that I am not trying to convert "happy" gays.

It is however, very interesting that you yourself point out that not all gays (such as yourself) are "happy". With that being said, I hope that you are not suggesting that those gays who are not happy being homosexual and want to change would be denied the opportunity to seek those changes and seek out people like myself who can help them to make those changes. Wouldn't you agree they deserve to be as "happy" as you claim you are?

If you had taken a little time to read my homepage, I clearly state that our mission to is assist those men and women who struggle with unwanted homosexual issues. That's called ministry. If you are as happy and contented with your homosexuality as you say you are, then you don't qualify for ministry.

Finally, as to being "antigay", its my right as an American citizen to oppose any actions or ideology I beleive not to be good for our society. Politics and social policy is different than ministry. I would characterize myself as anti-homosexuality, not anti-homosexual. Apparently, you are unable to distinguish that difference, just like you thought that I am trying to "convert" you and your "happy" homosexual friends. I hope that you are not suggesting that you have the right to oppose what I say or do, but I don't have the same rights to oppose what you say and do.

Thanks for writing.

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